• Chapter 1; The dream
    “Kai, I am coming for you, run anywhere and I will always be there, no matter where you are, I am taking you home with me. First you will come, then the one’s you love, then the ones that they love.” says a dark voice.
    “You’ll never find me!” Kai yells. He turns around and saw a tall skeleton man holding a scythe which was dripping blood. The man is wearing a black cloak and a black hood with a point on the back. The hood cast a deep shadow on the mans Jolly Rodger like face. The killer raised the scythe over Kai’s head and just as he was lowering it…

    Kai woke up, frightened and panting for air. He just laid there in the silent darkness, just breathing. His parents were still sleeping. He didn’t know what else to do so he just went back to sleep, which took him about an hour to do.
    The killer raised the scythe over Kai’s head and just as he was lowering it, Kai jumped out of the way. When Kai looked back, the hooded man was gone, so he just kept running in the same direction. Before he could get to far, the man reappeared from thin air before him. He again lifted his scythe over Kai’s head and struck him down, everything went dark, but Kai could still hear. He heard screaming, and nothing but screaming of other people, he heard his mom screaming, his dad, his girlfriend, all being killed by this horrible man. Then Kai heard a faint raspy beeping. The beeping was muffled, but it grew louder and louder…”
    Kai woke up again, and his alarm clock was beeping. 6:00am, time to get ready to go to school. He got dressed, ate some breakfast, took a shower, and was out the door by 6:15am.