• Today, the entire fourth grade went to this creek to release our trout! First, we took a forty minute drive on a bus-not as painful as I expected, huh who woulda’ known?-and I finally remembered to take something to do. (Like OO7, 3X, Madlibs, etc.) 3X is a game I made up, it’s sort of like a game-show where the contestants make the questions. (Matt lost. J)
    After we stopped playing, there were many cool and strange sights. One was the entire Magic Mountain/Six Flags. Another was a base full of oil tanks and gas trucks, if you dropped one match on something the place would blow up! And finally, an underground tunnel with a finger scan, password, and everything!
    When we finally got there I was super glad… for a moment. It ends up the road ended before we got to the creek, in other words we hiked the way down. The hike did have some advantages, like seeing lizards, bugs, and such. Did I mention it was humid and was full of ticks?
    Otherwise I liked the trip a lot. At the creek we had to say good-bye to our trout-not so hard-which was cool besides the fact that it was overly crowded. Our guide told us all about their life-cycle too. Did you know some trout make it all the way to the ocean? Tough little suckers. Those trout had many purposes too. They were used as indicators by being very sensitive. If an area was overly polluted they would die first, poor guys. That pretty much sums up some big parts of their lives. (Quickly too.)
    Next, we went to the station where we learned to fly fish. The fly fishing rod is actually a bit different than a normal one. For one, it was super long and flexible. Also, it had a thick cord to weigh it down. Fly fishing is a whole lot easier than you would think. All you need to do is heave and pull, heave and pull, heave and pull. Some people were even good enough to “fish” someone out of the crowd! Ha, ha!
    After that, we went to station 4 where we helped the environment. As it turns out some guys came to that place and got drunk, there was glass and bottle caps everywhere! Darn them! Can’t they see they are polluting one of the few natural areas for miles! (Plus we had a big clean-up job already, sheesh!) On another note, I found a lizard’s home. It was a hollowed out tree full of mushrooms with exits high and low.
    Later, we went to the station where they teach you about fly fish. It turns out that while some fly fish sink-like in old cartoons-others float. Otherwise than that I learned everything he said on Discovery. Although, I did get interested when he gave one to the winners. That was when I got started on my own creation.
    Then, it was lunch. Well I guess not exactly “lunch” for me, but still. I spent half the time making my fly and scavenging for materials. Pheobe helped by fining sticky thread and giving me a yellow coil. You know, it was pretty fun! Except then we had to go back.
    On the bus it was same old, same old… besides one thing: I was thinking about what I learned. At the end I finally thought of all the stuff we did, and then I noticed for almost anything I did I used my creativity. So I thought this: You always need to let your mind roam free, no matter what you hear. And happily ever after… sort of.