• ok..... uh Mendo i know we are friends and all but whay are u still in my room? I said. eek
    oh...uh.... my bad i forgot about my research anyways... well then see ya later Max,
    feel better. He said in a rush. ok.... see ya.... why do i keep having these dreams?
    this is so wierd... i better get dressed and head out and pick up the the books I promised
    Mendo. I thought. As i walked down the hall and towards the door... Max wait! Someone said.
    huh? I said impatiently. You forgot this, its your necklace. smile Tyoshi said in a rush. Thanks.
    Uh..... Tyoshi? I said a little freaked out. Yea? He said. Why were you in my room? evil
    burning_eyes Tyoshi sort of seemed a little scared when i said that. um i was just..... uh....
    oh crud.... He said scared out of his mind. You were in my room again!? Thats it......
    *Punches face* stay outta my room!!!!! scream gahhhhhh!! gonk Tyoshi flies across
    the living room and slams against the wall. gah... my head... sad He said in pain. Your lucky
    i have to leave for now or id do worse! twisted QUITE OUT THERE! Im trying to sleep!
    Renten yelled. Uhoh, Tyoshi your screwed whee i said. I ran out of the house and i heard
    Renten beating Tyoshi to a pulp. I laughed and continued to run to the library. As i got back
    Tyoshi had some ice on his head and i saw Renten watching TV. Im back. As i walked in
    Mendo ran up in my face. Did you get the books?! He asked in a rush. Yea i got all 3.
    um.... by the way.. what are you studying anyways Mendo? I asked. oh its nothing.....
    He looked defensive but i left him alone for the time being. After TV i went to bed early
    because i had a horrible headache. As i slept she was there again...
    huh? Where am I? Oh.... its her again... but this is different.. shes hurt....
    but she still cant see or here me.... I wish i could help i cant bare to see her like this....
    HEY!!! I screamed as loud as i can. I thought i had wasted my time yelling...
    But she had heard me! The dream slowly seemed more real as she walked closer to me...
    She said, Hello? Is somebody there? And she looked at me.... i thought it was just a dream but it felt to real.... she looked me in the eyes and i said, my name is Max. Whats yours? I said calmly. My- My name is Ria.She said. Oh your hurt... what happened to you? I said concerned.
    Its nothing... you need to go....She said worried. No i cant leave you like this.... I said sad and worried. ok..... ill call the the police before something else happens....Shes said in pain. *calls emergency line*
    who did this to you.... I whispered. Ohno....i cant leave now! Not while shes in pain... no, no,
    no! crying Ria, goodbye...... i dont know how i got here but ill be back... i promise wink
    i wont let you down. I said promising. Ok the police will be here shortly i hope to see you again
    smile Shes so nice.... I thought. Well its goodbye for now..... I said. Bye Max. wink

    To Be Continued! XD Comment please! This is part 2!~