• The date was December 2, 2008, at about 7 pm. It was the night of my winter concert and we had prepared four pieces to play. I was so nervous, thinking something would go wrong. For those of you who don't know, a concert goes from the chorus to the orchestra to the band. I'm in band, and play the flute. Anyway, we went inside the band room and started tuning while the orchestra was playing on stage in the auditorium. Eventually, they ended their pieces of music and the Chorus entered the room. I kept studying my music so that I was sure I wouldn't play anything wrong. The students behind me were acting obnoxious, and I couldn't concentrate. To make things worse, I then noticed my band director from the previous year walked in and everyone was going crazy. Trust me, it was loud in the room, and I gave up on concentrating. Finally, we were being dismissed according t instruments. First the trumpets, percussion, saxaphones, everything besides the flutes. Two minutes later, we are told to enter. I get up and continue to the auditorium.
    I sat down uneasily and put my folder on the stand. My flute was in rest position and the chorus was in the middle of their last song. All of a sudden, the fire alarm went off. Of all the times it could, it had to happen NOW! Surely this was a mistake, but then I heard someone on the other side of the curtain say, "Please evacuate the building," on the microphone. Everyone got up and pushed each other to get to the door. So much for orderly fashion. I was one of the last to leave, since at this point I was kind of hoping to die. And even though it can't sound any worse, when we got outside, it was snowing. Must be my lucky day. stressed