• Life. A ever going road. Sometimes bumpy and rough, other times as smooth as can be.
    We all have to walk it. We can choose to go about the road we face alone, or we can join other people for company sake. Somewhere along this road, you'll most likely trip. Weather you get up and continue, thats your choice. We may get tired of this boring old road and want to quit. If that's what you want to do then do it. No ones forcing you to go on. Or telling you what route to take. Everyone dreams of were the road takes them, weather its to live in the counrty side, or a busy town, but the way to get there may be harder then you think. The people you meet along the way, can become as close as can be or the farthest thing from that. Not everyone you befriend will always stay like that, sometimes they become more and sometimes they become less then that. Sometimes.....the road gets confusing and you may drift off the road, but if that does happen try not to stray to long or the road will become moss covered and dissapear. Where this road ends....when it ends, its the mystery of life. This winding road is sometimes harsh and crual, causing pain and misery, heartbreak and tears, but its something we have to look past and move foward, we also have to look at the good times that bring happiness and pleasure, memories that can last forever and smiles. On the road we face, looking back is not always best. It can be black and stained and its never good to dwell in that. So look foward and continue to the end. one step at a time, even though a single step feels like its taking a lifetime to complete, the more reason to go on. Only the bad times last forever, and the good times soar on by, but its better to soar then to fall. In every road there are holes and cracks and we sometimes fall or trip. But if we stay on the ground waiting for someone to come along and give us a helping hand, we might as well wait forever, being dependant on others is not always a good thing. Sometimes its good, but to linger on the road we walk, for someones helping push..we will go noe where. This road we walk can be confusing, and complex at times, or simple and easy to understand. Which ever it is...we have to stride foward, no mattert how tough or confusing it is. Life is only as comfusing as love is if not more. With love its a simple yet complex word. It can say so much at once and be so full of passion, or it can be shallow and empty. Love is a word passed ot much, it's hard to tell the lies from the truth. Some people say they love another so they feel special, like they can flaunt the other around like a prize just to say that i won one. On the other hand it can be true, but usually they dont end well. Love is a word created by man, for man to express these "feelings" that we get. Not all of us understand this, I am one of those whom questions these things. To me they are comp[lex and confuseing, and hard to understand. Love doesnt have to be for show, or anything like that, some people have a joy in leading others along, toying with their emotions. This is what i have been thinkning or the past few days and it goes on and on I know most of it is just rambling but this is mainly how i feel and I doubt anyone will fully reade this or anything but if you do then you know how i think. Most people think that I'm dense, or a idiot. I know i am oblivouse to many things but im not stupid or anything. For those who did read this I thank you for actually caring enough to read the babb;e that goes through this thick skull of mine