• "Ok hunny, I am going to the store, I will be back in a few hours." My mom said to me as she left.
    Of couse she said that about 8 hours ago.
    I was in 3rd grade when this happened. My mom would say she would be back in a few hours and she wouldnt come home until the morning sometimes 2 days. Instead of going to the store she went to the bar. I was living with my Aunt, Uncle their 3 kids who where all at least 4+ years older then me, my mom and brother. They lived in a beautiful house, out on the country and they had forest and a barn and farm animals. Anyways when my mom would go to the bars I would stay up crying at night. I was so worried I thought she would never come home. I always thought something bad had happened to her. I was very paranoid. One night I called my dad and stepmom. I told them everything and that I can't handle it anymore, I was crying too. I told them that I want to come live with them and that my mom would tell me things about them and that she wouldn't let me live with them. So I packed everything up and I had to tell my mom one way or another she was the last person I told. The reason I called them up cryng was she said she wanted to give my up. Not to me but to my Aunt who told me. My mom is like why? I explained everything to her and she is like I can change. I am like Mom I have to go I am sorry. So it was a month before I was going to start fourth grade. I got verything packed and ready and my dad and stepmom helpled me get everything in the car. Guess what...my mom wasnt even there to say good bye to me. You know how badly that hurt? Very much. That was 2-3 years ago. I am much better now and I havent seen my mom i about 4 monthes ]= I do love her and all but she did hurt me. Even now sometimes she asks me to come live with her. Or she asks do you like liveing with your dad and stepmom and and I always tell her yes I like living with them and now I don't want to live with you I like where I am and I have good friends. So know you know my story and its true.