• Mikalah was a different child. She walked the nights and only the nights. She could never attend school because of a “fatal skin condition” at least that’s what her mom called it. She was allergic to the sun. Her mother discovered this when she walked outside with her daughter in clear open sky. Mikalah began screaming and smoking, as if her flesh were burning. Mikalah’s mom ran back inside. Her skin was becoming black. She really was burning. After she was back inside with all the shades drawn and almost complete darkness, except the lamps, she began to heal. Her skin returned to its natural coloring and the burnt flesh just suddenly disapeared before her eyes.

    “What is wrong with my daughter?” she knew from then that her daughter’s life would never be normal. She waited until night fall to take her daughter to the church up the street to talk to the priest, but as she neared the church Mikalah began crying loudly. Her mother took three steps back and Mikalah quieted. She took her back home and sat Mikalah in her crib. Then she left to acquire the priest. While Mikalah was cooing in her crib her mother was out talking to the priest. They returned to find her still lying in her crib. Mikalah’s mom picked her up and handed her to the priest.

    “She can’t walk in the sun and she cries loudly on the churches steps. What’s wrong with her?” She asked while the priest examined her. He examined every part of Mikalah, the mouth last. He gasped.
    “What’s wrong with my daughter!?!?!?!”
    “She is taken by the devil. A flesh eater, a blood drinker, Nosferatu!!!”
    “A what?” her mother asked frantically
    “She is a vampire and must be dealt with immediately”
    “A vampire? And what do you mean dealt with quickly?”
    “Stay here fair woman and I shall be back.” with that the priest ran out the door and back to the church. Mikalah’s mother held her tightly. “Don’t worry baby the priest will help you. He will cure you of this thing.” The priest returned with a small baby sized stake and a small hammer. “What the hell are you gonna do with that!?!?!” her mother screamed
    “I am going to cure your daughter madam. The same way I cured your husband. The only way to cure a Nosferatu, a stake to the heart.”
    “What the ********!!! Are you mad” she screamed as she ran towards the door.
    “Madam please put the baby down so that I may be able to cure her” He said walking towards her with his hand held out. She shook her head and he got angry. He ran at her. She opened the door and he ran straight out. She shut and locked the door.
    “I will be back!” The Priest screamed, with that he was gone.
    The mother began to feel relieved. She leaned against the door and began to cry, holding Mikalah tightly. “Why is life so cheap? Why is it that you have to take after your father?” Just then she heard a large noise coming toward the house.
    “Open the door and Let me in!!!!” yelled the priest while he banged on the door. “I want your child.” the mother panicked she ran into the back room she found a jacket in the closet and hopped out the back window.

    She ran and kept running through the back streets and to a near by bus station. She hopped on a bus and left the town. She kept on going until the end of the line and ended up in a city called linyxmay. They got off the bus, Mikalah’s mother thanked the driver and they walked down the street until Mikalah’s mom found a nice motel for them to stay in until she found an apartment.

    It took weeks of wandering around the city until her mother found the perfect place for them. They moved in quickly. Mikalah and her mom lived under assumed names. Sheila, her mom, and vanity, Mikalah. Vanity was raised to live like a normal child, only difference is that she wasn’t able to play outside in the daylight and she liked to bite everything she could. She was home schooled most of her life and she only played out side at night and on rainy days. At Age 5 she attempted to walk outside in daylight. She was burned badly it took her 3 days to heal. Her mother told her to never do that again.
    When she asked why her mother hesitated on telling her, so she made up a lie. ‘You were born with a bad skin condition. In basic words…you’re allergic to the sun sweetie” Vanity thought about it for a while then said “awergic to da sun?”
    “Yes sweetie now promise me you will never go outside in the day again” she smiled
    “Yes mommy” she said smiling