• i open my eyes to find a beautiful land scape in front of me. i have no clue where i am but i don't care. i roll over enjoying the grass's feel. Then out of the woods i hear a growl that sound like stay a way from my pup u drity dog! then a scearm. i get up and run toward where the scearm came from. there i see to werid wolves, one is female and she is standing over two tiny black and white pups, the other one is a male and he is snaping at the pups and their mother. that made me mad to see that.
    "get a way from them," i growl
    the male jumps at the sound of my voice and sneers at me "what u going to do about me?"
    i lung at him as he snaps at an other poor pup. i bite his ear and clamp on to his back as he bucks under me. "Ur not going to hurt this pup!" i growl at him
    he gets out from under me and graps one of the pups! then he runs off.
    "no my pup!" the female yells but i'm already chasing after him. i get him quickly. i jump on his back and take the pup just in time before his jaw smack the ground. i put the pup behind me and growl at him "What kind of wolf steals cub like that?!"
    he of course didn't listen and jump at me but i was ready.i move just an inch to the right and clamp on his neck. i don't want to kill him so i quickly bite his tail tip off. he yelps and looks at his blood tail. then he runs off with it between his legs.
    i pick the whining pup up and take it back to his mother.
    "u save my pups and me! thank u so much. what is ur breed? and whats ur name so that i can thank u the r way in wajain."
    "Wajain? whats that?"
    " ur not a waja?!"
    " no i'm a wolf. and my name is kain-9"
    " well thank u kain-9 from saving my pups. my name is Shard by the way."
    Shard licks one of my wounds.
    "thanks but it was no big deal to me. u kinda remind me of my mother. she was very caring about me."
    Shard smiles at me. her pups open their eyes at that same moment and say their first word.
    THE END biggrin

    i hope u all enjoy my story. i will make more in the soon to be times.