• Disappointment
    *This is a true story to let you know

    Once there was a boy, I won't tell you his name. It all started when he was six-years old. He was 3 months away from starting 1st grade. Then his parents got divorced. I won't tell you either of their names. He started 1st grade 3 months later, every other weekend he would go to his mom's apartment and the other days he would live with his father. His first word was "Papa", instead of "Mama. A month before he started 1st grade. . . . . Another man had entered her life. I won't tell you his name either because I can't tell you who "he" is. When he finished 1st grade, he started 2nd grade and met some new friends. When he was in 2nd grade he was still going to his mom's and had made friends with the man's son. He was 4 years old. I wen tot his birthday and he got a bear hamster for his birthday. About 2 months after he had that hamster the man's son went up him and said, "Want to see a trick?". He threw it against the wall and killed it. When he went to tell, the boy threw the hamster in the cage and the boy's mom and the man came to see and it was laying in the cage dead. His mom and him went to bury the hamster somewhere so the boy wouldn't find it. A year later he went to 3rd grade and had a good time until his mom and dad started hanging out again until 2006. They hanged out back and and forth till' she found yet another man when he was in 4th grade. He was now 10 years old. She met a guy on My-Space. He lived in New York and sent her a plane ticket to New York and she went. She was hanging out with him and bought stuff for his daughter and didn't buy stuff for the him. When she came back her and his dad started hanging out with yet again. Whenever the his dad came she would be on the computer or be asleep. When ever they were hanging out she didn't want to go anywhere, but when they were apart she wanted to take him, everywhere. Shes only uses his dad when shes lonely. His dad is a very good man to her. He wishes she would leave his father alone. If she loved the boy and his father she would have stopped talking to all the other men and try to be a family. That is the least she could do. That is what you would call a Cold-blooded women. She is always depressed and never has anything good to say. She doesn't know anything about love or how to be a good mother. The boy's father always thinks she could change but she never will. Anybody can change except for her. Only someone can change their self. Nobody can change someone but their selves. All she cares about is herself. She is a selfish woman, she has no friends but the men she is with. All she ever does is sit on the computer and talk all the men she can find. Whenever the boy and his father would come over they would just sit and watch her be on the computer or massage her feet as she falls asleep. Nobody can change a person like that. I hope if that women is reading this that she will look in a mirror and look at what she's become. All she does is hurt people for her own cruel desire. She doesn't care what she does. One day she will be all alone with nobody to comfort her. The boy's dad is like her safety net, one day he won't be there and she will fall. Sometimes the boy feels like hating her but, you can dislike someone but you can never hate someone. But the boy's father said that she will always be his mother and to hate is not the right thing to feel. And this boy is me, Dominick. I wish things would of been different, sometimes I wish my mother and father would still be together. But some people never change. I am happy with my father.