• I thought it was a cruel sick joke... he was fun, entertaining, just a fun goofball. I heard the news today (2/27/09) one of my bestfriends. I heard it happened so fast.... I heard Gavin Price died in a car accident (he and his family got into a snow storm in Idaho, flipped and he died.) It's sad to think what might've happened, screams of terror and then BOOM! Silence. The best thing to remember was how much fun and laughter he had, got, and gave. To me this is a horrible reminder to be safe and a little more carefull. Gavin had a mom, dad, and sibling and gave his comedian laughter to the world. No one knew it was coming. He once told me he had a cornsnake called Ruby. It was cool how he could cheer everybody up when he was in troublesome times. He always tortured his cousin by saying,"Hey cousin!", he was so fun. Sad to say but he always gave the teachers a pretty hard time. We would see who could run the fastest, of coarse he always beat me to the finishing point. The main point is he will always be remembered and I, we ( whom ever knew him) will miss him.

    Peace Gavin!!!! crying

    ( this is a true story)