• When Talking About A Song, My Friend Asked Me:

    "is it normal to start crying when something sounds so pretty?"

    So I Though About It, And Replied With This:

    "Yes, Yes It Is. Because When You Put Thought Into It... There Are So Many Things, So Many Memories, That Can Simply Make Someone Cry. This World, This LIFE Is So Beautiful, It Makes Sence Not To Let Go Of The Past. But Instead To Remember It, And Cherish Every Second Of It... Because It Won't Last Forever. So, Live It Up, And Remember Everything Good That You've Ever Encountered, Because It's Worth A Lot. Not As In Money, But More Of Happiness. Think About That, And Do With It What You Will. I'll Be Living My Life... How About You?"

    Now, I've Heard From People Before Saying Im A Deep Talker, But I Think I Might Start To Be Agreeing With Them. I Dunno', You Tell Me....