• The two where in 8th grade. The boy was tall dark and handsome he wore hoodies and Dcs always and wore no jacket anywhere. The Girl was a brunette Cheerleader and she like skater boys she spotted him near the Skate Park with his freinds she walked over. The boy noticed her from his classes he walked up to her and said "hi" she replyed "Hey". He introduced her to his freinds Tj, Nick, Joey, Adrian, and Pete the guys said "hi" she "noded" in response. The boy said I'm Shade i'm new not from around here. The girl said to her self -He's pretty darn cute for a skater boy-. The guys had to leave and the girl said to Shade I'm Sophia. The boy thought to him self -She the most beatiful girl in the whole world-. Shade said can you keep a secert?! Sophia said "yes". What is it?! Shade heisitated and said "try and hug me" Sophia went over to Shade and tried to hug him" Shade vanished in mid air. The girl back up she look at him and said your a Ghost arent you?!?!?!?!?! eek Shade said "yes" but you have to keep it a secret ok if any one found out id be the laughing stock of the Whole 8th grade. She understood his pain and said Try and hug me now?!? Shade went over to her and tried to hug her she too vanished. Sooo were both ghosts and we hang out with the living cool. He smiled she smiled back. He asked "you got a boyfreind"?!?! She said "No" Are you single? Yes he said they smiled She said we should get to know each other first until we think about going out. He agreed.

    whee TO BE CONTINUED whee