• ch2. battle of night, the help of the black knight.

    Nanashi: hey what time is it?

    kiyo: pass 3000 [3:00]

    nanashi: oh no i got to meet this girl

    nanashi ran off and grab slicker and toss him to kiyo and left the building.

    nanashi ran as fast as he could till he reach the school grounds and saw kira was waiting by the gates for him.

    Kira: nanashi your here [sound so happy]

    nanashi was oout of breath

    nanashi: sorry iam late, i had a meeting with....

    nanashi was cut off by kira

    kira: head vampire

    nanashi:ya thats right, how did u know

    Kira: they have that kinda stuff in mangas and movies[smile]

    kira: do you want to walk me home

    nanashi:[smile] ya why not

    they started laughting and started to walk home. When they reach kira's house, nanashi said good bye and left her with a smile.

    On way home for nanashi, he ran into a demon dog barking in a form of a normal dog

    nanashi: hey gravedigger

    nanashi stop and look at the dog and smile

    gravedigger: grrr...how did u know

    nanashi: hahaha you silly mutt! that neckness you have around your arm, hahaha

    gravedigger: i hate u

    gravedigger went inside his ower's home, leaving nanashi in the streets of the dusk

    [note. it was 5000[5:00am nashi left, around 3000[3:00 he pick kira, it took a 20mins or so reach her house, and on top of it sun go down by 3:30 or 3:20}

    when nanashi got home[around 7:00pm} a group of maids waited for him.

    maids: hello master nanashi

    nanashi: carry on

    nanashi walk up to his bedroom untill he heard a soft scream from some where of kira's home.

    nanashi: kira[in shock]

    nanashi ran out of his room down the stairs and out of the door, running as fat as he can.

    meanwhile.... at kira house

    kira was in the kitchan, all the lights were off, then the front door open and in the doorway was nanashi , light went on.

    kira: happy...nanashi what? are you doing here

    nanashi: what, i thought you where attack

    kira: no i was'nt

    nanashi: but i heard you scream?

    kira: i scream because i forgot its my father's birthday[mad]

    nanashi; iam sorry, i go now[felt stupid]

    nanashi walk out leaveing kir at her house.

    nanashi was now back home.

    it was nighttime[ he's in his bedroom].

    nanashi:um....why did i act back there, like i care for a human girl again

    nanashi stare at the window

    nanashi:why do i have to feel pain here.

    he had one hand on his chest pointing at his heart.

    meanwhile at kira's house

    kira was in her bedroom sleeping

    the wind was blowing nice,

    then the wind blow harder,

    kira woke up

    kira:what [looking towards the window]

    kira: the weather man said its a gentle breeze not a storm[nerves]

    then blast, of window and broken glass, and a huge noise of thuder came clashing, and in the bedroom lie a gargar[ a stone bat-like animal-like demon]

    gargar look around and saw kira

    gargar: a girl how sweet, yum, how your skin so nice[gargar like to eat young girls]

    kira:[scary]ahhhhhhhhh[scream loud]

    then all suddley the gargar pin her agaist the wall with its big claw

    gargar:now lets eat

    when the gargar was bout to eat kira, all suddley the gargar was stop by a huge sword, and the person who was holding the sword was nanashi,

    kira: nanashi[shock]

    nanashi; now iam right this time, your attack,

    gargar: u d*mn vampire[rage]

    nanashi: i will not let u have this girl[mad]

    nanshi: blood blade

    a red attack came out of the blade and cut off the gargar's arm which was holding kira

    nanashi: now die [mad]

    attack the gargar with full blast of attack, in every way[but not much damge]

    then the gargar claw nanashi with a poison claw attack by it did no damage to nanashi at all, then nanashi cut off its hand so it would stop attacking him,

    gargar: u f***ing monster [rage]

    nanashi; iam not a monster u are!!!!!!{RAGE WITH MAD}

    and then with one slice, the gargar head fell off, the gargar was now dead,

    kira:what? whats going on[scary]

    then vampires guards came into the hole that was made by the gargar and then kira's parents was rush into kira's bedroom by vampires , and one of vampires put csi yellow tags all over the room and now vampire are puttin the dead gargar in a body bag and putting seals every where.

    kiro came in

    kiro; ok guys take the human girl and her folks and expain to them everything what been going on heretonght and check thme for any cuts or anything, test them now.

    nanashi: kiro what are u doing here

    kiro: headvampire orders, i think u never love a human girl again[smile]

    then nanashi pin kiro agaist the wall with his blade towards kiro's neck

    nanashi: don't u even dare, if u do i'll kill u{mad}[but not really gonna do it because kiro was his best friend]

    kiro: claim down man

    nanashi: no,

    then nanashi left, and kiro was left behind

    kiro: whats his problem, it was"nt his fault that she die,{feeling sad]

    [who is this unknow girl, whats nanashi past, stay tune for more]