• Characters profiles:

    Nanashi blood


    ht : 6.5 ft, wt confused ??

    age confused ??

    grade: none

    type:Kresnik{ a vampire who feeds on other vampires]

    color eyes: blood red

    hair colr: silver, white [mid short]

    like: fantasy and sometimes love



    female ht: 6ft, wt;127,

    age: 16 or 17,

    grade 11th

    type: human/ goth girl

    like:fantsay,love,dark books and movies bout twilight beast or dark

    dislike: some scary movies[the cheap kind, non scary ones, and look scary but not]

    Ch.1 awake and reawaked

    The sunrise crease towards the moring breeze, when the wind blow, its chills are from the moring grass'es dew.The sounds of footseps running on tiles rooftops, leaping from one house to the next.

    The wheeze breath from a voice of a young man, raceing agaist the clock.

    Nanashi: Grrr, i am going to be late for the meeting.

    Slicker: don't worry, we'll be there ~i hope~

    slicker is a small gargoyle, who was kind, but alaways cheer up nanashi, and can sometimes be a pain.

    Nanashi was still runnig onlong the rooftop, till he jumps off, and stared runnig on the sidewalk.

    While Nanashi was running, a school came in his view, when he came to pass the gate, he saw a group of young men, beating up a girl. Nanashi stop and watch them.

    Slicker:come on now, to the meeting, huh? what are u looking at?

    Nanashi was quiet

    Slicker: come on, forget the humans

    Nanashi: no, I must help the girl[with angry]

    Nanashi could'nt help it, just to watch the girl get up, till a guy with brown spike hair was about to punch the the girl, till out of nowhere, sound of silence, and in a blink of an eye. Nanashi caught the punch before it touch the girl, Nanashi hiss and showed his fangs.

    Nanashi: GRRR, HISS, leave this girl alone[in angry]

    Guy #1: ahhh get away

    Guy#2: its a a va...vampire

    Guy#3: run for it

    Nanashi scary the men off and turn around and help the girl get her books and lend a hand to her to help her up, the girl was wearing a long blak skirt and a light black shirt with red ribbins, and her hair was long shiny black hair with blue and red ribbon on her left side, she had long black and red gloves on her hands, she was like a goddness of shadows, her eyes are light to dark blue.

    Girl: thank you

    Nanashi:[smile] your welcome

    the girl look up to nanashi,

    girl:"your".."your"..."a".."a"...vampire[shocking sound of her voice]

    Nanashi: don't worry i only drink vampire blood, hehe-_-!

    Girl: ok, i am Kira

    Nanashi smile with joy

    Nanashi: My name is Nanashi

    Kira: Nanashi ^_^ a nice name for a vampire

    Nanashi: your not scary 0_0!

    Kira: no ^-^

    the bell rang

    Kira: i got to go, come see me after school at 2:15 pm at this spot, ok[mean, she want nanashi to meet her at the gates by 2:15]

    kira walk off to her class

    Slicker:should i tell you about the meeting?

    Nanashi: oh no, the meeting O_o[shock]

    Nanashistarted running, as fast as he could,

    Slicker: look there the meeting up aheah

    nanashi ran to the door of an old house and open it. inside the house was old and dark, and there are some webs everywhere you see,

    Nanashi: where is it.

    Slicker: uuuuhhhh[dizzy] @_@

    voice: upstairs in the big room

    Nanashi turn around, he knew who's voice it is.

    Nanashi: kiyo is that you

    Kiyo: yep

    kiyo is a vampire like nanashi, he had long wavy red spike hair, tall and had sharp red eyes, with long black cloths like nanashi, he's 6.6 a little taller than nanashi, he is nanashi, best friend from childhood.

    Kiyo: come on your late

    Nanashi could'nt help it, but to smile

    kiyo and nanashi ran up the stairs to the meeting and open the door, the vampires all look at kiyo and nanashi.


    kiyo: "sorry we're late"

    head vampire: sit!

    nanashi and kiyo sat down, and slicker was sitting on the table, slicker was size as a little doll.

    head vampire: ok, today is our meeting about love season[spring season is known to darks as love season where everyone find true love/soulmates] which is this year[for humans it come everyyear, for darks it come every two years]i am sorry nanashi, for not having a person to love.[spring season is very import to the darks, its when they all have good moods, and at the same time there power level up to the next level, and mature alittle, depends how old the darks are]

    The head vampire was dress in white and red, her hair was red with black tips and her eyes are deep blue, and her ears are long and pointed and sha two ear rings on her left ear, she wore a huge hat with ribbons and gems, and she is like a goddess and her name is Nina vendez.

    head vampire: so we

    then nina was cut off of her speech by slicker

    slicker surprised oh head vampire, nanashi has a lover and has a date with her today.

    head vampire: is this true nanashi

    Nanshi:i just meet her today.

    nanashi thought: i hate u slicker -_-*[mad]

    head vampire smile and said

    head vampire:slicker since you been good, i'll give you something from my magic box.


    the head vampire reach down under the table to get a box

    kiyo: hey thats a c...

    kiyo was cut off by nanashi


    the head vampire pull out a cookie out of the box and it was a coconut cookie, and she toos the cookie to slicker who bite it and then he blow up to the size as a ballon[he was allergy to coocnut]. head vampire took the cookie away from slicker and toss it to the other end of the table, slicker arms and legs,wings were too small to take him to his cookie.

    Head vampire; anyway my brother [nina's brothe name is Hagi vendez] is coming back in a week.

    the meeting did'nt end till 2:15pm.