• Present delighted
    She had touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. Hermione's boyfriend had gootten her an early Birthday present. She kind of new what it was but she wasn't sure. She toched the little box in her pocket because it made her so happy. She thew her arms around her boyfriend Harry and gave him a huge hug and kiss. This is really the first exciting thing he has ever done for her. He has taken her out for dinner also to amusement parks. But this is so exciting. Plus Hermione likes presents. Getting a present from her boyfriend is even better. All she had to say was WOW!
    "Why, why are you doing this for me? I don't think I deserve it!" She shrieked and stuttered excitedly.
    Harry looked through her light blue sky eyes. Then he looked at her brown long straight hair that lay almost every day on her face over her shoulders. Hermione was wearing a pink shirt underneath her white buttoned knitted sweater her grandmother had knittedfor her, and gave to her on her birthday which was a week ago in July. Her birthday is on July 20th. She was also wearing dark blue jean pants. Harry was looking all at her. She didn't understand why he'd given her this. Truly she didn't think that she deserved it.
    "Well since your my girlfriend. I thought you know it may be nice to get you something. well I got you a little something. By the way I'm taking you out for dinner. It's at the Robin. I knew you like a little bit of Chinese and sea food. So I thought of the Robin."
    Harry paused for a slight second. "Don't-"
    Hermione cut him off and said, "I told you I don't deserve it! Why are you doing this for me? I've been the worse girl you have ever known."
    Harry is felling distress because he is trying to do something nice for her. But she doesn't want anything else from him because she doesn't have a job and she can't do anything for him. Hermione feels like she's using him or something. She doesn't want to continue doing something for it.
    "I-I-I'm sorry lately I've been feeling terrible and I've said things I shouldn't and don't mean." She whined.
    Harry looked at her tried to put his arms around her shoulders. But instead Hermione shoved his arms off her and pointed to the bench outside at the park next to a garbage can and a light post. So she gestured her hand towards the bench.
    "Harry I think we need to talk, can we sit?" Harry looked down to the gray sidewalk. She doesn't mean to bring his hopes down. So they walked over to the bench and with Hermione hold his hand and they sat down at the same time. Hermione ended up curling her long beautiful brown hair with carmel high lights with her finger.
    "What's up, Hermione? Lately you haven't been yourself. Is something going on I need to know? Just remember I'm here. If you have any problems pleas, I will help you with what ever problems you have. I want it to be between us only, I won't go telling anyone and you and I need to keep secrets. All I want is your respect."
    Hermione had tears crawling down her face to her chin. She can't believe she was crying.
    "I don't know. But I accept this and your friendship. I just have been really shocked." That was the end of the conversation.