• William Adams was a real person in 1601, there is a large bit of true to the tail I tell in chapter one, but with some changes just for fun. This chapter is set in Japan around the story of Mr. Adams the one an as far as I know only English samurai. Chapter Two however will take place 19 years after chapter one. Because my story is not about Mr. Adams really it is about a young vampire named Peter Newkirk and how he became the vampire Kings right hand man.

    Rudolf The Red: Vampire kings of queens

    Chapter 1 A brief stay in Japan as Mr. William Adams
    (1601 off the cost of Japan)

    Peter stood on the deck of the menboku ship and looked out towards the sea, wondering what the hell he had been thinking two years ago. When he had been on the run from his past looking to start over once more. He was the werevamp witch gave him certain abilities and enemies. Super strength and speed where not meat for people who didn’t think before they acted. Seeing as Peter was a man who never thought before acting he had many enemies. That being so he had decided that the best thing for him to do was to take another man’s place on a ship leaving for Japan. It was not easy for him to take an incident man life, but he didn’t have much chose.

    After finding the prefect target one Mr. William Adams. A man none of the crew of the Liefde had ever seen Peter got right to work. It pained him to take Adams life to solve his problems. He had asked himself as he was draining the life out of the man if it was worth it. He considered not killing Adams for a brief second as a muffled cry left the man’s lips. It took all his might to seal Adams fait making the guilt of being nothing more then a monster bear down on him. William Adams human life end and his un-life began witch was a fait much worse then death in Peter mind.

    ‘Idiot!’ He growled to himself as he glared at the sparkling water below him. He was thinking about when he had walked up to the caption of the Liefde and said he was William Adams. The caption had greeted him warmly, showed him to his cabin, said they were setting sail and then handed him a letter from Adams ‘wife’. That guilt welled up in him and he hope that choosing to change Adams would somehow be a good thing. However he knew in his heart that it had been a mistake and some poor woman he had never meat would get a vaster thrusting for blood. Most new born vampire’s always killed there loved one’s first. There was nothing he could do about it though the ship was setting sail and he had to be on it.

    Everyone around him thought his name was William Adams, an English navigator who was heading to Japan and worked in the trade goods market. It was a joke that fait was playing on him. He had been on many ships navigating all over the world. The funny part was being in traded goods. He had never traded a thing, he either bout it or stole it. Trading was to much hassle for a man who never thought things out. He spent the whole sea trip brushing up on trading skill. Hoping that this would be all he’d need to make a good deal for his ship’s caption in Japan.

    When his ship got to Japan, Peter had agreed to talk to the tairo (senior counselor) of Japan for the ship. ‘I should have let someone else go!’ he hissed, pushing him self away from the railing and walking down the port side. His mind now filled with his next big mistake. He had been stupid enough to show off by shooting an assassin no one else saw. An he didn’t just take a gun to shot the man, oh no that would have been easy. He used his super speed and strength to throw a small stone throw the man eye! The tairo, whose name was Mr. Ieyasu; was so impressed Peter was now working for him and not by choice, witch got under Peter skin.

    In order to work for Mr. Ieyasu Peter had to become a samurai. He had started his training only a year ago. Learning faster then any human could have. However even with his vampire skills to help him, it was a long process. He was trained daily by Mr. Ieyasu’s top ranking guard. Ieyasu was a samurai himself, but he had little time to train Peter. Each morning Peter was dragged out of bed and put through drills until he was sent out to do some work on one of Mr. Ieyasu’s ships.

    Peter didn’t just enjoy being a samurai; in fact, he loved it. He loved their honor codes and their way of life. The problem was he didn’t like being held in Japan like a prissier making him hate it just as much as he loved it. As a kind of rebellion, Peter did as much damage as he could to their ways of life. He had found that the Japanese had some kind of fear of Catholics. He wasn’t a believer in God, but he believed it was worth pushing on the Japanese people since he was stuck there!

    He had thought about just killing William Adams off and taking on a new life, but finding an English man in Japan that wasn’t famous somewhere else was like finding a needle in a hay stack. He tried to talk about Catholicism as much as possible. Seeing as his escape goat was proving hard to find. Once he found the right man or came up with a good plan to get away unnoticed he just have to keep playing the part of Adams and pushing Catholicism as much as passable.

    With that thought in mind Peter looked around the ship and wonder how many years he would hay to be Adams. He pushed his magic glasses up his nose to hide his real eyes from his crew. As the seeming average glasses showed a pair of blue eyes. Peter real eyes would be changing colors with his mood. Without his glasses that would have chose quit a problem. He’d already had a lot of problems with humans in Europe and England. He spent one too many days fighting with some ‘vampire hunter’ over their beliefs.

    It would have been great if they were hunting him, but none of these fools thought vampires could go out in the sunlight and many other stupid things that story books had instilled in their minds. He found the Japanese didn’t have this problem, making the land very appealing to him. Hearing the soft unsteady breaths of a person behind him Peter turned to see who was there.

    “Sir?” A young crew man named Baba said softly.

    “Yes” Peter asked him with a raised brow.

    “There’s been a ship spotted off the starboard side sir….Your order sir?” His young eyes darted about as if scared of what was going to happen. Peter’s eyes were much better than any human’s. He looked off the starboard side to see a ship he had heard of but never had seen. ‘Red’s Queen’ it was the vampire king’s ship. Peter had only heard stories of the vampire king, all of which were conflicting. The only thing anyone knew for sure was that the king was crazy.

    “Let’s go meet her and see what she is doing here,” Peter said to Baba before calling out his order to the rest of his ship. As they came up on the ‘Red Queen’ Peter could see his vampire running about it. A man dressed in the finest red fabrics he had ever seen stood at the wheel, his face hidden behind a large feathered hat. As they came along side it, a French flag was sent up the flag poll. “Bloody hell! My French is not very good,’ Peter groaned as the two ships were now side by side. He watched as the Captain, who Peter believed was the king, walked down to the plank to greet him.

    “Eh monsieur comme peuvent je aide te?” The Capitan asked, taking off his hat to let his long curly black hair hang around his pale skin. Peter smiled lightly, trying to remember what ‘Eh’ meant. He hadn’t really heard the rest because none of it sounded like words he knew.

    “You don’t happen to speak English do you?” He asked hopefully to the very well dressed Frenchman before him. The man in red smiled, handing his hat to one of his crew.

    “Yes, I speak English and ‘Eh’ is Hello.” The caption of the Red Queen said while fixing his hair.

    Peter tilted his head to the side, wondering how the man had known that was what he was thinking. But then he remembered his King was a telepath of a sort. Witch more then likely meant he had read Peter mind. “What is your name sir?” Peter inquired

    “My name is Rudolf Rouge. I am the Capitan of this ship.” Peter smiled wide as he heard the last name: Rouge was a French word he had learned, and he knew it translated into red. Rudolf smiled back at Peter before saying “I asked you how I could help you before and now I am asking again.”

    “The name is William Adams.” He watched as the King raised an eyebrow as if insulted by this. “Mr. Rouge, may we speak alone in my cabin perhaps?” Peter asked, making the King nod. He then walked across the plank to be led to Peter’s cabin. Once alone, Peter sighed heavily. “Sorry about that, these fools think my name is William Adams and I’m not in a position to tell them otherwise. My real nam--” Rudolf cut him off.

    “Is Peter Newkirk. I came here looking for you.” Rudolf said as he sat down on Peter’s desk. “Don’t get upset, I came to ask you to work for me when you’re done here.” Peter felt like someone hand taken hold of his shoulder, even though no one had. “Sit down and let me explain.” Without thinking Peter found himself sitting down or rather a forceful unseen hand was sitting him down. “I knew you could leave this mess behind by killing off Adams, and of course finding someone else to replace, but I don’t want you to do that. I want you to stay and keep on doing what you’ve been doing for the next 19 years.”

    “Um, alright I can do that Sir, but why did you come all this way to ask me to keep pretending to be Adams? I mean it doesn’t sound like a good reason to go so far out of your way….If this is out of your way; I’m just guessing it is.” Peter babbled on for a moment like a fool. He couldn’t stop himself it was all so crazy in his eyes. He hadn’t meant to be so truthful or forward, but the words come out of his month anyways.

    “Newkirk, the Japanese will teach you many things that will make you a better warrior…Like thinking before acting or how to make a plan of action.” Rudolf said leaning back on the desk. “Now you could do this the hard way and use magic to make them think you’re one of them, or you could keep playing the part of Adams who they already accept amongst them.” He pushed a stray black curl out of his face. “I think it would just be easier to be Adams. While you’re here, learn as much as you can and do whatever you please. In 19 years I will send someone to get you. You will fake Adams’s death and then board ‘The Red Queen’ as my second in command. Do you understand?”

    “Not at all sir, I mean I follow your plain of staying, learning, faking my death and leaving, but I still don’t understand why.” Peter said, pushing his glasses up his nose out of habit. He watched as Rudolf crossed his legs like a lady while playing with his hair as if bored with him. “I don’t mean to bore you my king, but why come here for me? I am no one suicidal and I am defiantly not worth your time. I’m pure trouble throw and throw, every were I go trouble seems to fallow and incant people die…Why waste your time on me?”

    “I have heard of your skill as a fighter for one and I know your secret for another.” Peter’s eyes widened as he stared at the man before him. He had always played himself off as nothing more then just a vampire. The fact he also had werewolf blood in him was a secret only he and his pack know. He was worried that this was the secret his king was speaking of. If it was the king might be there to kill him, but that couldn’t be Rudolf said he wanted Peter to work for him

    “What secret is that my king? That I am a fool on the run form my passed lives?” Peter said feeling that there was hope his king was talking about something else all together.

    “Come, come Newkirk let’s not play this game. We both know you are the werevamp vampires and werewolves alike want dead. I must admit you were hard to find.” Rudolf smiled at him his soft pink eyes showing throw the spell he used to hide them form the humans. “But after you left your pack, it was much easier to find you. I keep tabs on all my people and a vampire who’s almost 400 years old just showing up out of no were gave it away…Though I don’t know your whole story and I do hope someday you tell me. I was sure you were just like me and now that I have seen you I know you are one of us.”

    “What do you mean one of you? I am a vampire like you yes….And I’m a little unsure if I should be fearing for my life right now, seeing as you know what I am” Peter added wishing to get up, but finding the unseen hand was holding him firmly in his chair.

    “Yes you are the werevamp and that in my people’s eyes is a good enough reason to kill you, but not in mine Mr. Newkirk. You are what you are, fait made you this way for a reason we can not understand.” Rudolf said putting his hands on his lap. “We don’t always get to choose the paths we walk, some of them are thrown at us and we must do the best we can.” He sat start up like he was made of stone “You and I are Owanne’s

    “What the devil is an Owanne?” Peter asked, feeling rather foolish for some unknown reason. He also felt grateful his king was not going to kill him because he had joined a werewolf pack.

    “An Owanne is a being that carries a spirit power that feeds off of the emotions and states of minds of beginning all a crossed the world.” Somehow Rudolf looked irritated with him for not knowing. “For instance, the Owanne of hate feeds off the world's hate. With the right person, they can use a power known as ‘the black fire’.” Rudolf rolled his eyes. “There are many Owanne in the world. Some may not even know they are one until they meet another one.” Rudolf stood up, walking over to Peter.

    “For now, Newkirk, all you need to know is that you are an Owanne. That is why I came here looking for you.” Rudolf said softly to him “You are not ready yet to find your true power and join my crew. That is why I need you to stay here in Japan and learn form these people. I believe that will prepare you for the journey we will take 19 years form now.”

    “An just what journey is that?” Peter asked not liking how close Rudolf had gotten to him. Other wise he would have asked what made him so sure Peter was one of these Owanne things.

    “The journey to find the Owanne of hate, It is the most powerful one of us. However depending on who befriends it first could mean the end of the world. If a power hungry person were to get hold of them, they could use the black fire to take over if not destroy the world” Rudolf said with a start face backing away form him at last.

    “Then shouldn’t we go find this person now?” Peter asked finely understanding something that was being said to him.

    “Not until you are stronger Mr. Newkirk, this is not a job to do half assed. This person or thing is safe for now, because no one knows for sure were or even what it is. All we know is it’s out there waiting to be found.” Rudolf fixed his hair “I will use these next nineteen years to track it down, while you stay here. Do I make my self clear or am I going to have to keep talking to you?” The Vampire King snapped while sticking out his hand to Peter. Peter took a long hard look at the other man’s hand. Rudolf was a King, which meant that even if he didn’t wanted to know more about what he supposedly was, he couldn’t turn the man down. After all one does not say ‘no’ too the most power being of their race.

    “You make yourself very clear sir. I look forward to seeing you again and talking to you again in nineteen years.” Peter said, taking his hand and shaking it. With that Rudolf made his way out of the cabin to get back on his ship without so much as a good-bye. This left Peter wondering just what he had gotten himself into this time around. He didn’t understand what an Owanne was, nor how he could be one and not know it. He didn’t know how his king knew he was one or even how the man could have kept track of all his people to so easily learn Peter secret. He had so many questions, but he had to wait a very long time before he could get any answers. “Come on men, let’s go back to shore.”

    As he watched the vampire king ship set sail for high seas and his own ship getting ready to go assure. He felt like there was something else he could have said or done to change his king’s mind and make him take Peter with him. As his mind filled with more and more questions, Peter wondered once more ‘What the hell was I thinking?’