• It was late at night on July sixth, the night before the Tanabata festival, when a young woman, with brunette hair reaching the small of her back, and emerald green eyes, walked past a nurse's station in Kyogi's local hospital, carrying a small suitcase.

    “Spending the night again Miharu?” One of the nurses asked, spotting the young woman out of the corner of her eye.

    “Yeah, I want to be by his side when he walks up.” Miharu replied, looking into a young man's hospital room. He has short, dirty blond, to light brown hair, and his eyes were currently closed, due to being in a coma.

    “Well, you might not have to wait much longer. Tomorrow is the day for wishes after all. And I'm sure Hatsuharu will be glad that you stayed with him while he was in the hospital.” The nurse told Miharu, causing her eyes to start to water at the thought of Hatsuharu waking up.

    Unbeknown to Miharu, Hatsuharu was already, more than glad that she was waiting patiently for him to wake up. He was delighted. Not only was he delighted that she was waiting for him, but he was overjoyed that Miharu was finally able to walk. Ever since the finals of the Kyogi Video Game Battle Tournament, she has been the new Knight of Water. The previous Knight of Water, Ayumu Sainan, had only transferred to Kyogi for the tournament, but since it had ended she had to move back home, so she gave Miharu her powers, in the hope of keeping all the Knights together. Ayumu also gave Miharu her sapphire bracelet, contained the Guardian of the Knight of Water, a deep blue serpent named Suijin.

    After obtaining Ayumu's powers, Miharu's spinal cord was repaired by the Kami, allowing her to walk by all by herself since her birth. She slowly got use to being able to walk. Her doctors were amazed at her recovery, not being able to figure out what fixed her spine. On her way out of the hospital after getting examined one day she saw Hatsuharu lying in a hospital bed, unconscious, and she ran to a nearby nurse to ask what had happened to him, and found out that he was put into a coma during the finals of the recent tournament. Although he's only been unconscious for two weeks she came to visit him every day.

    * * *

    “Do you have an answer yet... Hateshinai?” A woman in a pure white kimono asked a man surrounded by a bright fire.

    “I think I do. If I participated in that tournament, which, surprisingly, I win, then I'd be harming the one's who I care about the most, and no one deserves to fail that pain.” The man said, watching a young woman hanging a tanzaku outside a window, then walking a cross the room to a small bed as she watched a young man sleep slightly, with tears running down her cheeks. “ Is that the right answer, Amaterasu?” He turned to the goddess as she smiled.

    “It is indeed the right answer. You can return to your body whenever you want, Knight of Heaven.” She walked over to him, placing her hand on his shoulder, then said, “She really loves you.” As they watched Miharu's tanzaku blowing in the night breeze.