• "Dem!!!" yelled her Mom."C,mon let's go!!" Demora stood up and looked at the room one last time.Then she went down stairs and went outside,she looked at the house."Dem!!" she yelled again.Demora went into the car."Dem why is it taking us an hour to leave?I know you love it here but,remember we're leaving for a better future,so you........" Demora interuppted "I know Mom,can we just leave?" "Alright." her mom started the car and began to drive.
    Alright,so,yeah.My name is Demora but my mom calls me Dem,I know it's a strange name.My mom and dad are divorced.Me and my mom are moving to a new place,somewhere we can start all over.She thinks it's best because I have no friends.People think im weird but i dont know why.I pretty much look like everyone else,tan skin, blue eyes,everthing exept my hair.Its red but at the ends its white.Its how I got my nickname,Fox.When my mom heard people call me that she began to worry.
    As the car stopped I looked outside,the house was beautiful but I miss my old one."Okay,so you can go explore the town while I unpack,Okay?" said my mom."Okay,thanks." I replied.
    I started walking down the street.I seen many other houses as great as my new one.The houses were across a parK and behind the the park was a wood.The woods looked so dark and mysterious but also nice and happy.
    I guess I was too busy looking at it,that I wasnt paying attention and bumped into someone.
    "Whoa.Oh great.s**t I just barely got it too."
    I quickly picked up the cell phone and gave it to him.
    "I'm so sorry I didnt mean to,it was and accident." I said.
    "Alright jeez,I forgive you.Just......."
    Our eyes met and for some reason I couldn't look away.His eyes were blue and so was his hair,he seemed nice.
    We both looked away.
    "So you new around here?" He asked.
    "Yup." I replied.
    "Well then,welcome."
    "Thank you."
    "Well cya." he walked away.
    "That was quick." I thought to myself.I began walking into the town square.There was stores everywhere,it looked nice,I decided to go in the Coffe shop.I ordered,got my drink and sat down.I heard girls laughing.
    "Hahaha,look at her hair."
    "Oh my god,look at her clothes."
    They passed by me.
    "Cya later,loser Fox."
    Calling me Fox didnt really bother me.I just took it as a compliment.I looked at my watch,apparently it was alot later than I thought.I got up and went home?
    "There you are,I was about to call your cell." my mom said."You better get some sleep.Are u going out tonight?"
    "Yeah,I'll be in the woods,okay?" I said.
    "Alright." she said as she turned on the TV.
    I went up stairs to take a nap.When I awoke it was 9pm,I quickly got up and went out the house and to the woods.
    When I got far into the woods I looked at the moon.
    I grew a tail,ears and began to grow smaller and smaller while I also grew fur.Then finally I was a fox.I walked more and more into the woods.I stopped at a pond and just sat there.Thinking,wondering about tommrow.If people will.....
    I did a quick,sharp bark.Something got me,it put its mouth around my neck and was ready to bite.It growled and starting bitting down slowly.
    "STOP!!Please let go!!I beg you PLEASE!!" I pleaded.