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    may and kolten
    By:Andrea (xxwhere_r _mah_muffinsxx)

    The first time i saw you was a dream come true.
    I knew we would be together Forever
    Forever is A strong word. But, I will still love you May.

    Kolten- I love you
    May- Awww I love you too!
    Kolten- Forver might actually be the word.
    May-Thats fabulous. I always wanted a guy to be sweet and as kind as u!
    Then came wedding Day, with a struggle at May's work. Kolten never came. May, standing still, crying off more stress then ever,
    "He isn't coming*2, Andrea! He said forever! he ment it. He isn't here! Why! THIS IS HORRID! Instead of just standing there with my bestest friend, i tried to comfort her. But all she ever did was think of how sorry Kolten should be. She cried and cried. I called her on the phone, then tried to comfort her some more, next take her mind off of that dam boy! But how dare he ditch his bride! He even got clothes for the wedding... But that only shows one sign of happiness of their wedding. No,
    "I cant wait, or, "the wedding will be a total ball!"
    It seemed like he didnt care at all.
    May-I cant stand this any more. Im calling him on the telephone.
    May calles Kolten,
    Ring Ring Ring... Ring Ring Ring...
    (Hi yew have reached kolten I-
    May hangs up the cell
    Andrea- Im very so deaply sorry May. I dont know what to do.
    May- Its okay. I'll figure out some way to fix that boys brain.
    Weeks later, of Kolten not answering his phone, also not being online...he goes on to gaia.
    Kolten(in pm)-Im so sorry i couldn't be on. My computer had a virus i hope you are not mad at me May, my beautiful angel.
    May(pm's back)- Then if your stupid computer had a virus, then why was your brother online? Huh? Yew going to lie to a girl? Or not?
    They meet in Hollywood.
    Silece is in the calm air of Fluffy's room.
    o.o says kolten
    -.- says May
    Then finally May says something...
    May-Don't pretend like you care. If you say something. If you dont. Leave you dik.
    Kolten- Im sorry May. I didnt mean to hurt your feelings. I really still am deaply in love with you. Truely! Please believe meh!
    May-Okay. I wont lie like you. I have always been in love wiTh you and i will never ever break up with you. We were ment to be!
    Kolten- I knew it!!! I love you my sweetheart! I will never ever Ever! lie to you again. As long as my heart should live.