• A girl just moved to this little town.
    Her name was Andrea.
    She had blue eyes and red hair.
    She was tall and beautiful.
    She had one friend name Laurr.
    As she walked to school one day Tim walk over to Andrea and ask her.
    Tim:Andrea will you go out with me?
    Andrea was happy.
    Tim razz ick you up at 8:00.
    Andrea:Ill be ready.
    After school.
    Andrea:Oh my god what to pick.
    Andrea mom comes in her room.
    Andrea mom:What are you doing honey?
    Andrea:Going on a date and i cant chose what to wear.
    Andrea mom:Here ill give you my black dress.
    Andrea:Thank you mom.
    At 8:00PM.
    Tim:Wow you look you look pretty.
    Andrea:Thank you.
    At the restaurant.
    Andrea;Wow this all look expensive.
    Tim:I know but my dad said this is the most nice`s restaurant in town.
    Andrea:Ya he is right.
    Tim:So what are you taking?
    Andrea:Um I think ill take a salad.
    Tim:Ill take the fish.
    Andrea:The fish?
    Tim:I don`t know what it is.
    Order lady:Okay so what do you people want?
    Andrea:A salad.
    Tim:The fish.
    Order lady:Okay.
    Tim and Andrea started talking about stuff and Tim told Andrea something really imported.
    Tim:Andrea i love you, I loved you all this time when you moved here.
    Andrea:Oh my gosh Tim I love you too
    Tim was happy and he smiled.
    Food lady: Here you`r food.
    Tim and Andrea:Thank you.
    Andrea:Wow the salad look`s good.
    Tim:The fish look`s sad.
    Andrea giggled.
    Tim:Wanna try some?
    Tim feeds Andrea a piece of fish.
    Andrea:Wow it`s so delicious.
    After eating.
    Andrea:Thanks for the date.
    Tim:I had fun.
    Tim kisses Andrea.
    Andrea started blushing.
    Andrea:well this is my house,bye Tim I-I love you.
    Tim:I love you too, good night Andrea.
    A week later.
    Andrea friend came.
    Laurr:Stay away from Tim!
    Laurr hits Andrea,But she didn't notice her rings on.
    Laurr:Oh sh!t.
    Laurr ran away.
    Tim came and saw Andrea in blood.
    Andrea:Tim,ill miss you and i love yo.
    Tim started crying.
    Tim:nooo, i love you too Andrea,don`t worry Andrea we will be together soon.
    One day later...
    Tim was found dead beside Andrea.
    In heaven.
    Andrea:Tim i miss you.
    God:Everyone lets meet the new people.
    Andrea:.... everyday the same.
    God:Here they are.
    Andrea was shocked.
    Andrea:Tim but why?
    Tim:I needed you by me side.
    Andrea:I love you.
    Tim:I love you too.
    Tim kissed Andrea.
    3 years later.
    Andrea had a beautiful daughter named Melissa Andrea was happy and Tim was happy to be by Andrea side all the time.

    Sad don`t you think? But it gets sad then happy.Didn't you ever wanted to live with someone for ever?But died be cause of a jealous girl?