• Someone yelled my name.
    I turned around and I saw Brooklyn with Melvin and Guadalupe behind her. I waited until they got to me. “Dude, your freaking fast!” panted Brooklyn. Melvin and Guadalupe just behind her. I managed a grim smile and walked on, not bothering to look around if they were following me.
    They were following me. I know this piece of information because I can hear Brooke’s pleading voice on telling me what’s wrong, Guadalupe saying same exact things Brooke is saying, and Melvin’s high-pitched, gay sounding voice and their feet trying to keep up and pushing other people to get to me.
    Brooklyn grabbed my arm causing me to drop my books in the middle of a crowded hallway. I bent down and picked a book. That’s when I touched a cold hand. I looked up and saw Bryan’s flushed face.
    “ I didn’t mean to-” stuttered Bryan. I took the rest of the books laying on the floor (helped by Bryan). “Thanks,” I said calmly even though my chest was pounding really hard in my chest. “ Your welcome,” said Bryan back. An awkward silence stepped in. I pretended to look around if there was anything I missed. Then Guadalupe saved both Bryan and I from keeping on talking. “ Well let’s all go to our 2nd period! Or do you want to face Mr. Horn-face again Alice...And you know how mad he can get.”
    Bryan just nodded in my way and walked to Mr.Gary's science class. I was kind of dazed just by touching his hand. No big surprise there! I’ve been crushing on him since I first saw him. Bryan and his long jet-black-emo hair. And his deep dark velvet eyes that can turn smooth and caring to full-on evil…But no matter what I'll always be drawn to him...especially his eyes.But everytime I see myself in the mirror,I see his eyes...I also have deep dark velvet eyes. “ Well, well, well,” said Melvin teasingly. “ Shut up fat-a**….” I said back but with heavy sarcasm that even HE cannot surely miss. But then again, he gets offended easily. He just pouts and keeps looking at me with hatred eyes. I just rolled my eyes. The second bell rang. “s**t!” said Brooklyn. “Well, come on slow-pokes! Mr. Horn-face will really get mad!” then we all raced to his Social Studies.

    At lunch I passed people who all greeted me with smiles or heys or playful shoves. I smiled back happily. Then I saw Melvin, Brooklyn, Guadalupe and some people in a crowded table. Melvin wasn’t mad at me (Thank God!) so he saw me and waved and a cute boy slid a chair next to him. Probably for me. So I went and sat down. He looked at me with playful hazel eyes and a grin. I smiled back and turned full-blast sweetness on my velvet eyes. Everyone smiled at me and started talking about the finals. Everyone was asking my opinion what to wear in the prom dance too. I just said,” Wear what you feel like wearing! I’m wearing black of course, so I’m all set! Wait…no…yeah…no…I NEED a dress that’s black so…never mind…” Then I pouted. Everyone laughed. I smiled. These people were easy to get laughing. Then I felt an arm around me. It was the guy next to me. I leaned back and he gave me a bigger grin than he had before. I grinned dumbly back to him. Then he leaned down "trying" to kiss me. But before he did, a hand shot out and grabbed his hair and pulled it. “AHH!!!” the boy next to me yelled. Everyone in the cafeteria looked at our table. I looked up and saw Bryan’s angry face. He released the boy’s hair and pulled me to my feet. “What the-” I said. “ Come with me…” said Bryan in a low whisper. I looked around and everyone was looking at us. I looked again in his eyes and nodded. He smiled weakly and we walked out the cafeteria. He pushed me to the wall. His hands were both shoving me to the wall more and more and when I thought he was going to cut my circulation on both of my wrists, he released me as quickly as he shoved me against the wall. I stared at his deep mesmerizing violet eyes. He stared back at my also violet eyes. “ You know that we have the same eye color?” he whispered quietly but with a smile. I giggled. “ I always have known that…” Then he took my hands and chuckled at the sight of violet manicured nails. “ What? You don’t like it?” I said to him. He shook his head then kissed each of my fingernails. Even when he stopped kissing my fingernails, I can still feel his warm lips pressed down on my fingernails.
    The bell rang…..