• Hi there,
    Stories... some are true, some turn to everyday gos.
    Some stories become forgotten and some become secrets within friends or family.
    One of these stories is about Tanita, she came to one of the sessions where i used to attend. We said our secrets aloud so we get them of our chest and feel better, Tanita's story was amazing and here it goes.

    She was only thirteen years of age and like most of girls she wanted to be with a guy that is older, mostly for security as she said. He was sixteen and at times he was just what a girl wants. Stunning looks, charming, and polite. But i guess when they say there is always two sides to the story well the other side went something like this. They were going out for only 4 months when Tanitas boyfriend asked her to have sexual intercourse. Now shes only thirteen and this guy said he wants sex or he will leave her. She wanted to keep him at any cost. 2 weeks passed and Tanita started having morning sickness, her suggestions of pregnancy were right, she was pregnant when she was only thirteen.

    To make it worse the "Prince Charming" dumped her blaming her for everything. Of course , she wasn't able to go under abortion due to her age. She had a baby , and she's a lovely girl. But she is not able to see her. Little girl is living with her mother, and is 3 years old now, Parents have decide to say that the baby is not Tanitas and that she is Tanitas sister. Tanitas life went downward from there, parents made her quit school, she started having mental breakdowns and got really sick.

    Today Tanita is doing better trying to be best mum she can for her , but she told me to give an advice to all girls out there, because I'm good at those stuff as she says ha-ha

    Firstly i hated to hear her say that its her fault. And i know some of you may not agree but There is this "charming guy" who is three years older than Tanita and he wants sex with a thirteen year old, HE should of known better.
    its 21st century for gods sake, use condoms?

    Girls i know "Prince Charming" is wonderful and pretty and all but don't you think that Big fat ugly ogre is treating Fiona much better than Prince Charming will ever?