• Why do I have images of you, when the last time I saw you.... you lying died right in front of my eyes?
    How could you, I want you alive, I need you, YOU LEFT ME HERE! Nothing more can be said, just seeing that red snow of blood. This winter, I won't be seeing your smiling face in my eyes, the snow droping on your satin colored hair, your eyes remind me of the deep ocean sea. But, how could I lose you, YOU LEFT ME! I promise one thing, I will get the revenge of the person that killed, I WILL FIND THEM! I miss you too much, just thinking about you makes me want to cry with sadness. Like, I said how could you leave me my love.... I want you, I need you, I LOVED YOU!
    All I can think of is your warm hugs you would give me, when I was sad.
    The kisses of your soft tender lips, when you were looking at me with your smile.
    Like, I said "I love you." & nothing else could change my mind, but now I must move on... But, remember I will always have you in my heart, and that will never change.

    Your One True Love