• Anyone Gonna Talk Some s**t Now

    Stick and stones will break my bone
    but words will never work
    Yea right words can work they can break your heart and make you feel bad bout yourself. For EX. ok so i am chubby rite well there goes people callin me lardass and fat a** and fat a** ******** pig. i got over it because all my life including now i have had to deal with it, well guess wat maybe I don' t care bout being sum skinny sluty a** b***h. I mean it's not like it is a law that everyone haves to be skinny, gosh some girls think to much bout there looks and the way they look more than anyone or anything else and it makes me sick. Almost every girl in the school i go to is skinny man some girls even look like ******** tooth picks for giants. i just dont care so if u aint got nothin nice to say then dont open ur big ******** mouth people gosh so leave me alone.