• It was once a child who did not know what was the world, he did not want to think what was really the world, was not interested. It was poor: UAS lived with pants, some tshirts and sweaters ...
    He hikes in the world with rivers of tears, but he hid these rivers in his room, which was not only him. When someone in a room hinders it, they hide the rivers that more partial ocean, but people there from home (minus the brothers) had noticed that drip in the cupboards, trying to understand, but he was afraid that people do not understand and accused. The room had windows that were home to the disappearance ocean, could not everything, because memories that had not left. The windows showed him the beautiful the world and he spent the night beside them, from time to time fugia to that world but always knowing that it had to come back.
    The windows were friends, the room was inside of him, the rivers seemed more oceans were the sadness of it, people were a family.

    "Why do not know the end,
    and because I was not here to see,
    Thanks windows ... "