• *Ring Ring Ring*

    Kate: Allo?!!
    Anna: Allo Allo!!!
    Kate: OoOo! Allo Allo! It iz yoouzzzz!
    Anna: Aha! It is I!
    (Both Burst into laughter)

    Anna:Wassup homie skillet craka lackin' home dogg wurd to your Musher?!!!
    Kate:Nothing really dearest daughter of mine!
    No! You know what happend today?!
    Anna: No! No dont!
    (More laughter)

    Kate:No! Okay so this is what happened. Okay so yah, I was at school and I ran up to some random guy and was al like "BOO!!!" and he was lik "wtf?!"
    (Even more laughter)

    Kate:No! No! Wait! Then I'm like, oh, I thought you were my mom. Then I run away like a fricken retard!

    Anna:Thats cuz..... YOU ARE!
    Kate: Lawl shut up you poo head!
    Anna:Noooo!!!! Kate!!!! Guess who I saw?!
    Kate:I dont wanna.
    Anna:Shut up! Dont talk to me! Okay so this is what happened!
    (Kate dies of laughter)

    Anna:No!!! Okay so yah! I FULLY saw that kid who owes me 5 cents!
    Kate:Lawl you're such a hobo
    Anna:No! But come On! 5 cents!
    Kate:I know! Remember last time I robbed your penny!
    Anna: You did?!
    Kate:Opps!!! lawl!!!
    Anna:No! shut up! Lawl! I gotta go!
    (Anna breaks into song *Apologize*)

    Kate:Lawl Shut Up U f**! kay bye!
    Kate:Rawr now bye!