• i'm the type of person
    always with her nose in a book
    has a smile on her face
    wants people to be happy
    laughs at stupid jokes

    i'm the type of person
    who keeps to herself
    that most people over look
    never given the time of day
    and is never noticed and forgotten
    the "invisible girl"

    i'm the type of person
    with the label nerd
    the one who does her work
    and considered the teachers pet

    i'm the type of person
    who struggle with her own problems
    sometimes big and sometimes small
    and has to get through them everyday
    just like any other person you see
    in the world today

    i'm the type of person
    who knows who she is
    and doesn't care what others think
    but wishes people would give her the time of day
    so people could get to know her
    instead of glancing,,judging me,
    then looking the other way

    i'm the type of person
    who would give up her own happiness
    if it meant someone else could be happy
    who wants to be remembered
    as the one who brightened up someone elses day
    when she coudn't brighten up her own

    im the type of person
    who stumbles and sometimes falls
    but has a family who loves me
    and picks me up when i am down

    isn't it a pity there's a million other girls and boys like me
    who have a great personality and strive to do there best
    but because people are to afraid to get to know us
    or be associated with "the nerd"
    no one ever gets to see the real person inside
    because they are to quick to judge
    they don't even know me
    though they think they really do
    all because the never to the chance
    to get to know the real me