• Three cat's used to be best friends but now they a totaly rawr!
    These cat's names are Muchka,Scamp and Shadow.When they are near each other that hiss and ever sometime's growls.
    You maybe thinking wait cat's can't growl.
    But these one's can.If you try to break these cat's up they will fight with you.They will bit,scrach and even kick.Just think of how hard it would be to stay away from these cat's.You could be thinking that these cat's don't have a nice side but they do.It's almost to good to be true.These cat's like to be nice.They don't want to be mean but what do you exspect.There only 6 and 3.
    Muchka and Scamp are 6.Shadow's 3.
    We did de-claw the front feet but not the back.That way there won't be any blud unless they us there back feet.

    Well that's all for now.