• hello,strangers,friends,and whoever is reading this,this,my friends,strangers,and whoever,this is our story,of what's going to happen,what happened,and when it happened.well,I'm just your,average,young,little girl,but who dreams of something she wants to do in her future.,and that my people,is running away,and seeing her best friend,jasmin..you see,it all started 6-7months ago,I met velline,we became friends,in cinemas,however,not knowing our destiny,to be soon together.although we aren't right now,I am glad to just be talking to her.she's my one and only true friend,who I will always want to be friends with,she's a nice,loving person,who speaks her own mind,and is a intellect and pretty person.now,we all have reasons why we wanna run away,but we have lot's of reasons why we want to run away.1.I want to see the world,with my friend,without her,I well,couldn't live on,it'd be a cold,world.2.I wanna run away from it all,and my current life right now,it sucks,PERIOD.3.,on 2,the reason why it's sucking?my family doesn't seem to care about me,and my education,or whatever,so you know what?I am going to run away,with the true person who cares about me,velline.4.no friends.yes I know,pathetic to you,but if you don't like it,then you can go ******** yourself.period.and 5.MANY more reasons then you can imagine,I'm just being quick for you,so you don't have to read TONS of reasons why I wanna run away.now you see,whether you like it or not,I'm running away,to see my best friend in the whole wide world,we'll just be two sisters/best friends,exploring the wide,wide,other side of the world we haven't seen yet.that's my story,now if you would please,read my best friends.


    Hello peeps! This is my and my best friend’s story.

    As you may know we posted another one. Read it if you want.

    So, it all happened 6-7 months ago, as Chrissy said.
    We met in cinema lobby 40; she was being herself - a caring person with a huge fun personality. If you’ve read our previous story you would have known that we’re planning on running away to somewhere, not going to mention where because of obvious reasons. I am going to describe Chrissy now and how she’s been with me since we met – fun to be around with, enthusiastic, caring, protective, always-be-there-for-you friend and of course cool. She makes me laugh, and sticks up for me even if I’m wrong. She has her own world, and is quite crazy, but that’s what makes a person isn’t it? She says what she means and doesn’t care what other people think of her. She knows what she is and will never change for anyone. It is going to be really fun travelling the bug, huge world with her. She is entertaining and we’ll look after each other.

    ‘’Why do they want to run away?’’ You’re probably wondering.

    Well here’s something that can help you:

    1. My parents aren’t really who they say they are.
    2. My dad is a lying b*****d. He told me a huge lie, but I’m not stupid so I got to knew it just in time.
    3. I’m being bullied for being who I am – a quiet person, who doesn’t care what other people think. And hell yeah I’m a geek, and I’m proud. Got a problem? If so, you can go shove it.
    4. I’m sick and tired of being in the same place over and over and over and over again, I would much prefer if I were travelling the world with my best friend.

    Thanks for reading!
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