• So, there was a girl callled Jasmin.
    She had a tough life, and was only 13 when she killed herself.

    ~Keep reading if you want to learn how she did it and why~

    One day she went downstairs and just wondered in her head what it would have been like if she had a different family. She had to go to school that day so she went to her room and got her uniform out.

    She absolutely hated school. No one liked her because she was too quiet. No one told her that being quiet is unique. She got bullied every single day, they said she had nits, pulled her hair, made fun of her, called her anorexia and all kinds of those things. All she had was the thought of her perfect family. Nothing else. Everything else was just a big lie.
    She was a really smart 13 year old child, just no one saw that. She was a curios type of girl.

    One day when she came back from school, she went over to her bedroom and put on her home clothes. Then she went to her parents' bedroom to play dress-up with her mom's clothes. While she was going through the clothes she saw a DVD case. She opened and ''saw Porn DVD's. There was a note. It said:

    '' Well...my family just belives that I'm a head chef in Central London. ''

    Jasmin looked shocked, angry and sad. All her life she thought she could rely on her dad, because she thought he understood her. But she was so wrong. She couldn't trust anyone except herself. From that moment on she stopped believing in everything she used to.
    When she and her family moved to another part of London 1 year after she still hadn't forgotten about what she saw on that day. On her birthday. The porn DVD's in her mom and dad's wardrobe. She started to look around the new house. She went into her parents' new bedroom and went straight to the wardrobe. She saw the same DVD case on top of it. She got a chair from the kitchen, dragged it to the bedroom and got on it. She picked up the DVD's and felt the hunger to burn them. But, she didn't. She knew that if she did that her dad would notice it and he would have to tell the rest of the family about them. Jasmin wanted her dad to do that, but not quite yet. She needed more information. So, she left the DVD's back on top of the wardrobe and dragged the chair back to the kitchen.
    On the next day she went through her dad's suitcase. She found naked pictures, a notebook, and a porn videos catalog. She opened the notebook and found on the very first page:

    '' Emal - jordan.wellington@live.com
    '' Password - pornaddict''

    She memorised that and left the suitcase and its contents back in their right place. Then Jasmin went to her room and switched on her computer, went on to live.com, signed in with her dad's username and password and went to inbox. She found a bunch of emails regarding his porn movies. One email said

    '' Hey, Jordan!
    I had a lot of fun of the making of our last movie. I've never had so much pleasure in my life.
    Hope to work with you again
    Bye, gorgeous''

    At that moment Jasmin's blood went boiling, all she could see was black space infront of her. She went straight to contacts and saw emails of women who she didn't know. She wanted to delete them all so badly, but she didn't, she kept the anger inside her.
    She remembered when she was a child, she was hugging her dad and saying:

    '' Daddy, do you promise never to cheat on mommy?''
    '' I do promise smile ''

    Jasmin now knew that he lied to her. She wondered why he was making porn movies and was such a addict. He had a family, two children 13 and 15, and a wife.

    She thought she had enough of this life. But, didn't do anything about it...yet.
    On the next day after she came back from school, she sat in front of her TV in her room watching the news. Jasmin saw all the animal abuse that was being done to poor animals. She felt sorry and thought she wouldn't eat meat any longer. The thought of people killing animals just to eat them, when they could survive without any meat, was just horrible.
    She told her mom that she wasn't going to eat meat. Her mom said OK.
    And when it was dinner time, there was a meal with meat.

    '' Mom, didn't I tell you I don't eat meat anymore?'' asked Jasmin

    '' Fine by me. You can just remove the meat and eat the rest''

    Jasmin felt so angry at that moment that she yelled at her mother

    '' You just can't accept the fact that I'm NOT you, can't you!?''

    Her mom hit her. Her dad saw that but didn't say anything.

    She wanted to tell all the family about how she found out her dad's a porn movie maker and he's cheating on my mom, but she didn't. She held the burning anger inside her, again.

    ***Few weeks later***

    The police were banging on The Wellington's house.
    Jasmin's mom opened the door.

    ''Mrs Wellington?''

    ''Yes, may I help you?''

    ''There is no easy way of telling you this but, your daughter has been found dead in the shore of the river Themes. You have our apologies.''

    Jasmin's mom burst out crying.
    '' My little, poor, innocent girl!! She's dead?! That can't be true!! There must be a mistake!''

    '' Ma'am, there was no mistake. We found this note in your daughter's pocket in a plastic bag.'' the policeman said whilst handing over a note to Mrs Wellington.
    The note said:

    'Hi whoever is reading this. You might be wondering why I've killed myself. Well I am not going to tell you why, you work that out for yourselves.'


    Hello, my name is Jasmin and I am 13 years old.