• as we left off the twelve kids all were stuck in hell and no one suspected suth a disturbance they saw something hell was not as they pictured there was humans there they went up to each of them.
    "exuse me where is the exit for this place" said one child.
    "its him hehe the one who is going to KILL us but we have NOTHING TO FEAR RIGHT"
    the people in there were cycotic because hell was just a little whit box all you could see was a never ending trail of white thats why everyone there is mad and cyco.
    so the kids ran off but to no where so they were confused so they tought what if they kkept running but they got lost after running and no one could be seen but all of the sudden a man came and told them a poem
    "as i saw the white wall
    a drop of blood began to fall
    and no one knows who are all
    but we heard the devil and his call
    leave us in the holy spirit
    so the lor can hear it"
    then they realised it was the pope who worshiped satan and were terrified they saw the pope and he told them want to see magic he grabbed a teenager and said so satan can make hi grow please turntis kid into a pack of flesh eating crows the blow had a thousand pokes fromthe inside and got fat till he exploded and crows flew out and ate three kids the other nine ran off but the kids 3 pc's sacrificed themselves to free the kids they ran out and knew that some one in the gruop was demon they had no time to choose so they ran far away but it was not over soo n a car came and hit one more kid luckily it was the demon but then thaat ment the others escaped and what thy did was make all of hell rise and destroy the whole human and animal race.