• Friday night... Status: Hungry
    My dad was making home-made french fries while I sat on the couch, just thinking. I can't wait 'til the fries are done! Why do they call it a french fry? Is it French? Can it speak french? Did I leave my PS2 run? Finally I hear the oven ding. I smell the french fries on the aluminum covered pan. I shoot up to look. Golden crispy brown, just how I like it. Smothered in ketchup. I got to reach for one until my dad slaps my hand.
    "Don't eat it! It just came out of the oven."
    He had a point, since I saw it come out. So I waited ten seconds for him to leave, and when he did I picked up a fry and just stared at it.
    "Hey dad?! Did this just come ou-ahahhh!!" I slammed the french fry by the others and cursed under my breath. "Damn, that's hot." My dad couldn't help but LAUGH.
    Satruday morning... Status: Dreaming
    I laid in my bed.... okay, on my floor, and dremt that the person I liked, Axel No.VIII The Flurry of the Dancing Flames (Shuddup...), was cuddling next to me.
    I slowly began to wake up to purring and the song "Sakura Kissu." I smiled and streach my legs. Before getting up, I look at my cat, who was in the exact potition I left of with Axel. Mater, my cat, had his paw in my hand, head on my shoulder, with a twisted little smile that sent shivers up my spine and made me scream and jump.
    Status: Scared Shitless