• The world scattered itself about freely. Alphabetical order here meant WGA30T and non-ordered items were non-existent. Letters held themselves together on building blocks which floated in mid-air and cluttered together without purpose. The world around me was knowingly existent, yet unknowingly structured. This was the way of things in this world, and those who inhabited it were without discomfort.

    I woke up.

    I don't know what time it is. I don't know where I am. I can't understand why things are the way they are. I realize that I was dreaming just a moment ago and leave my bed with haste. Something felt terribly wrong. While I was awake, aware of the real world, my mind was still locked into that false reality. WGA *was* still alphabetical order and numbers *could* be letters if they wanted to be. I turned on my computer hoping that the it's organized structure could wake me up; that logical patterns would begin making sense again. Nothing changed. Racing around my room, confused, scared, distant, I would have rather died than continue on with that feeling.

    It was so frightening. I knew the feelings were false. I knew that they had only been from a dream. Yet, no matter how much I told that to myself, the feelings wouldn't go away. I lay myself back down on my bed, thickly covering myself, closed my eyes, and became still. This was the only way. Whenever I was doing something, I was doing the wrong thing, and so now I chose to do nothing. It was my only hope for reality to return.

    This event is what occurred to me just last night. I'm not a neurologist. I'm not a therapist, and so I have no professional opinion on what happened, but for some reason one word continues to run through my mind - Shock. Neurotic Shock. I never expected that it would happen, but I've always wondered what that term meant; I've always wondered what it felt like. Now that I know, I never want to experience it again. I do, however, still take reality for granted. It's just what feels natural. Reality is real. There's no questioning it. Then something comes along and shows us how even that can be broken.

    Thank you for your time,