• You can't tell what i am behind these eyes.
    They are deep and dark but other than that you can see nothing.
    Through my eyes i see a world filled with sorrow and so much pain.
    I can tell when someone is lying and i could tell that the missing girl named Caylee was killed at her mother's hand.
    She and i have so much in comman.
    We hide in the shadows of our emotions.
    We hide behind a false smile and false love.
    I find myself accepted by no one.
    My dear friend Savannah has abandoned me and god has forsaken me.
    Savannah was a theif and stole my story of greif.
    Does she care you might ask?
    No, no one cares about me.
    I do not understand why people hate me so much.
    I find myself tortured and humilitated even right now.
    High school proves to be no better than the 8th grade.
    In all of my classes no one partners up with me and i'm left to do the work by myself.
    No one won't even gaze over to see if i wanted a partner; but i've grown used to it i guess.
    My grandmother badgers me to become a sign language teacher even though my real dream is to become an author.
    Everyday she gloats on my studying.
    She pesters me to study all books on sign language.
    One day i had a horrible vision on pushing her down the stairs.
    Judge me if you must but i can not become that person that murdered my grandmother.
    Behind these eyes i want to leave it all behind and leave some where peacful like Maine instead of Florida.
    A cold place where i can finally see snow and get a warm feeling.
    A real feeling! Not one of those false emotions i display every minute of the day.
    A quiet place to sleep and dream of running with the wolves.
    To feel freedom and dismantle these bars that imprisons me here.
    Behind these eyes i hunger for freedom.
    Inside this fleshy shell i want to believe that fairy tales could come true and save me from this misrible place.
    But now i know that stories don't come true and love will eventually turn into hate.
    Behind these eyes i am a demon placed in a human shell wanting to explode.
    But the real me is inside there holding it back though.
    So why do people treat me like a monster?
    I have put this family in so much pain and suffered so much.
    I don't even know why i should live amoung humans now.
    Behind my eyes i see justice though.
    I dream of the people being free and happy with one another.
    But all dreams are foolish and will never come true.
    Well at least for me that is.
    But behind these eyes is a monster in disguise waiting to come out.