• The young girl leaned forward on her broom and it instantly she was being pulled along with it down towards the ground, her long brown hair flowing out behind her. She could see her destination, a small shack with a pond out back. Inside, she knew that there was another young girl, and she hoped upon all hopes that this girl had not sensed her coming. That would be bad. She could not know of her coming, it would mean an end to everything she knew.
    Sighing heavily, she jumped off of her broom on the edge of the forest that she had just flown above. She stood in the shadows of the forest, not wanting to be seen. Quickly, she hid the broom in a bush and pulled her wand from inside her cloaks pocket. Holding it in front of her, she took in a deep breath. This was it, the moment that would decide everything.
    With another deep breath, she took a small step forward. After that first step that brought her out of the shadows and into the plain darkness of the night, she was running across the space between the forest and the shack. Her shadow seemed longer than it should of as she darted across the grass. Breathing deeply, she reached the wall of the shack and she let out a low sigh. She had made it, and she didn’t see her coming yet.
    She stood next to a window that had the low light of a candle shining out of it. It left a long trail of light that she stood wearily next too. Breathing slowly, she stood as quietly as she could, trying to catch her breath. She knew what she had to do, she had to get the pendant. The girl inside could not keep it. If she did, it would be a certain end to everything she had become accustomed too.
    She was not going to let that happen. She had worked so hard to get everything that she had, and that girl inside was not going to take it away again. She refused to believe it was possible. The young girl outside the shack was unwilling to admit it, but the girl inside scared her. She didn’t even know who she was, but she threatened everything she had become accustomed too.
    Inside the shack, a young, blonde haired girl strolled back and forth. She was holding a gold chain that had an emerald stone hanging from it. There was a small design of a fire carved into the stone that the girl couldn’t take her eyes off of. “What does it mean..” she muttered to herself as she strolled back and forth. “What does it do…” she asked herself, since no one was in sight.
    The girl didn’t want to admit it, but she was afraid. She was only twelve and yet she had managed to steal this pendant from that girl. The young girl knew that the other lady would be angry with her, and she was afraid. She knew that the other girl had powers, powers that she was only learning about. The other girl could kill her within the blink of an eye.
    And it probably wouldn’t even phase her if she did. The young girl let out a low cry as she slid down the wall of the shack. Shakily, she pulled out her wand that she could barely use. “She doesn’t know where I am… she won’t be able to find me.” she whispered to herself as she hugged her knees. She could feel her hand that was holding her wand shaking as the wind blew outside.
    The witch outside heard the low cry and could hear her sliding down the wall. She could tell that she was sliding down the very wall that she stood against. Is she that young? She sounds so young. Why would she steal my pendant? She probably doesn’t even know what it does. The power that she holds. That girl will pay.
    Not nearly as afraid, she stepped around the corner to where she knew the door of the cabin would be. Taking in a small breath for comfort, she shoved the door open. Instantly, she heard a scream and she smiled to herself as she saw a young girl, around 11 or 12, sitting against the wall she had just walked around. “Hello dear. I believe you have something of mine.” she said in a sweet voice that gave the younger girl chills. She smiled as she watched the young girl shake, gripping her necklace and her wand. “Do you even know what it does? The power you have in your hands?” she asked as she looked down at the girl and walked closer to her.
    The younger girl instantly shook her head no as the older girl got closer and instinct made her grip the wand and pendant tighter. The older girl stopped as she watched the girl tighten her grip on the pendant, fear striking her eyes. The younger girl saw this threw her tears and instantly looked down at the pendant. Instantly, it was in her palm and she was gripping it tightly. The older girl let out a scream as a light started to come from the younger girl. She let out a low cry as the light shone through the shack. After her cry died down, there was no more sound as the light slowly died down and the young girl stared at the body of the older girl in shock.