• There is a secret joy in self control. In that as an individual, which we choose for ourselves compared to what is decided as a whole.
    Experiences though dismissed as "normal" are valuable beyond what is tangible.
    Simply put that is what the mind produces cannot always be expressed with words or put into something that is able to be understood.
    Or recognized.
    Even with
    Since creativity is rarely especially in high stress social situations or within *normal* depths of learning venue(s) instantly appreciated.
    Such is life.
    But wait there's more...
    Thankfully is one person's avitar is another's prompt (such as online) including websites like Gaia in which ideas, imagination and reaching out can come together in one place...
    One forum, a single page or an essay can bring so many others together.
    That brings me happiness.
    A pixel-ation.
    And gratitude for those of you still reading this far. Since my story (measured data online) time may be accounted for..
    But our imagination is without borders.
    And that's MY essay entry
    Danke, gracias merci and thank you.