• I miss cons, even though they're awkward. I mostly miss buying merch and hanging out with my friends in cosplay, but the longer covid goes on, I even miss the bad/cringe parts. Here's some short con stories:

    -One time all the Homestuck cosplayers were waiting for a photoshoot and started scream singing MCR songs.

    -One time the rave kids broke a giant expensive chandelier in the ballroom. I still have no idea how.

    -One time I was cosplaying Sock from Welcome to Hell and some lady who had to be like at least 40 told me I was a "naughty little boy". Still makes me uncomfortable lmao.

    -On a similar note, one time I was cosplaying Dave Strider from Homestuck and some girl who was working the con followed me around and told me she thought it was "hot when girls dress as guys" eek

    That's all I have right now. Maybe I'll post more later.