• our class president was uhh how do say it troublesome. so the teacher was out and our classmates were talking and so. i notice that our class president went at the back of the class where the clock is and got it from its place and place it in an advance time so that we would be excuse early. i dont know why he was a voted as a president blaugh .

    the time pass by and our teacher noticed that we were early to be dismissed at lunch. i on the other hand had blurt out that it was the president that took the clock in advance. i was really out of my mind back then and really stupid that i said it without even thinking. opps! my bad. our teacher give him a warning and place the clock on the right time. class went on.

    so it was time to go home. my friends and i were assign to clean the classroom so were the one behind. after we cleaned it was time for us to go home. then the group of mr. president block the way and said he wants to talk to me. so he sent my friends ahead and i was like "what did i do wrong? question " (note: i forgot the incident that happen that morning. i dont know why maybe i had many things to think about that time, and it still make me laugh about that time hahah)

    his friends hook both my arms and said "you have just made a big mistake" and me was like "huh? eek " his was like "you dont remember what you did?" they wont let go of me and stroll around campus. note again i really had no clue what they were talking about until they explained it to me about the clock and i was like "ohh that hehehe sweatdrop " at the back of my mind saying "im dead.".

    so i look at the president he just stared at me and i stare at him. he sign and said "next time dont do that". i raised my eyebrow "it was you did wrong anyway". he stared at me again and said "let her go, cmon guys" i was like what the? i then run chaising my friends and i never said anything to them. i was still in dazed, i was not afraid just dazed. maybe i still had lots of stuff in my mind that it was like a normal thing and just brush it off. oh well hahaha!

    PS. it really did happened and as i realize what happen it made me laugh at it. hahaha