• The Yearning

    I stand here, lonely and isolated from the rest of the world thinking of you. The gentle rhythm of the dark water reflected the few shining stars on this cold, unusual night. I looked to the stars for answers, wondering how did this happen. These stars were pale and dull in comparison to the image of your beautiful face forever etched in my mind. I felt the lump in my throat and watermelon in my chest as a silent tear slowly crept down my warm rosy cheek. Here I stand pondering on the past and all the memories that came with it, hoping that you would come, praying that you would come and stand here by my side, but knowing you never will.

    Three years ago, I stood at this exact spot and saw your gorgeous face for the first time. I knew you were the one from the beginning, from the first glance. I was meaning to end my life that fateful night but seeing you brought a new perspective into my life, a ray of hope. That’s when I changed my life for the better, when you mysteriously entered it and took my heart away. Remembering our first dance on this sentimental bridge made my heart ache. The gentle touch of your lips on our first kiss, your sparkling blue eyes and your wonderful gaze brought a slight smile to my face. Oh how I wish I could hold your hand tonight, embrace you and make you mine again. Why did you go leaving me with this broken heart?

    It’s been three months since your accident occurred, since you plunged into the water from this very bridge but your body was never found. That night was supposed to be a milestone in our relationship, but we never did get to meet. I waited for you all night long, until I got a call that hapless morning of your accident. I was broken, my heart was shattered and all I could think of was waking up to find that it was just a terrifying nightmare. Three months has passed, but my life is stuck in the past. When am I going to wake up from this nightmare? I can’t face the reality anymore, I need you in my life. I miss you.

    Things have changed since you’ve been gone. My life is incomplete. I’ve cried and cried all day and night long. There’s not a second that you have left my mind. I thought you said we’d be together forever? I wish I could see you, just one last chance to see you smile. I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me just one last time. Tonight I gently let this red rose slip out of my hands and down into the water as I’ve been doing every night since your accident. I hope to make the water under this bridge as beautiful as the pulchritudinous girl resting peacefully in it. Along with the rose slipped out an exquisite golden ring. I watched the ring disappear into the water as I recalled how ecstatic I was to planning to propose to you that night you died.

    Even through the pain and heartache I smiled, remembering that I was soon to be in heaven with you, my angel. I took one step forward into mid air and gracefully descended downwards into the deep dangerous yet beautifully stunning water to be with you.