• There I sat in the Spanish/study hall classroom, my two friend Meghan and Elizabeth to my right, I scribbled madly in my new notebook frantically trying to copy down everything the girls were saying as we brainstormed our weekend and and character plans. Meghan and I were the writers while Elizabeth did all the drawings. I couldn't draw to save me. While Meg could do funny lil scribbles.
    I nibbled on my favorite gel pen (yes I know gross a pen chewer) While Meghan gave her character script to Lizzie, I occasionally jotted down side notes and ideas for private stories of my own politely yet impatiently waiting to give my own character designs to the rake thin girl. Don't get me wrong Liz was a great friend to start but gods sooo skinny even though she ate like a navy battalion. Meghan was the shortest girl, Liz the tallest of our trio while I was in between. We were outcasts and none were shy to show their hatred of us. We preferred keeping to ourselves finding that we didnt like even the thought of having to babble about trips to the mall what idols were in what rapper was the best...blahblahblah...But I digress; Meghan finished her details and Liz turned to me "So what type of look are we hitting for Kemi??" She popped her knuckles.
    Grinning ear to ear I described my sassy, sexy, flighty, half banshee to her, knowing full well she would pull it off. In turn I would color everything. The clocked crawled on slowly marking the time when we could go to lunch and get our happy arses outside to bask in the glorious spring air. The rest of the study hall buzzed about homecoming or some such nonsense, and who was getting laid. Terribly annoying and impossible to ignore my adhd began kicking in hardcore and I chewed more fervently on my pen, I had a strong oral fixation and found concentration far easier if a pen or sucker or any such piece of candy were in my mouth. The only thing I had at this point was my collection of pens. I freely admit I was and still am a pen hoarder. A good pen leaves nothing to be desired. As we sat there I sucked on the end of the pen absently while Liz drew small outlines of our cast...I think we had been doing a League of extraordinary Gentlemen fan fiction. (What you expected War and peace?) Anyways Meghan was passing notes to me about the morons we were imprisoned with when I noticed a bitter and disgusting taste in my mouth, nearly gagging from the putrid flavour I dropped my pen and spat into my hand looking upon a glob of saliva and rainbow metallic ink in my hand...I squeaked and looked up at Meg and Liz both of whom gawked at me before giggling (the harpies!!!) Blushing and holding back my own laughter I asked the teacher to be excused to the bathroom he asked why and I being a foul mouthed smart arse replied "Well I was leisurely sucking my pen and it got over excited." I stuck out my tongue exposing the coating of shimmering ink to him and the rest of the class. I was promptly excused and scurried to the restrooms to rinse my mouth clean and wash my hands. I noticed my hair had begun to come loose from it hair tie and decided to take it down and put it in a messy-ish half bun. Returning to the classroom I tackled my friends..or well glomped them and screamed something perverted and obscene. Luckily no detentions were given because the teacher knew thats just the type of person I was and would always be.

    Well hopefully you got a chuckle out of this comedic memory and will vote highly.