• The first night I talked to you, I knew you were that missing piece of my incomplete puzzle.

    I felt a sudden outburst of mixed feelings within me, which had rarely ever happened before.

    It felt like my then-broken-heart had finally met someone who had bothered to pick up the scattered pieces.

    Ecstasy filled me up. And every single day, I used to wait for the time when i would update my status and our never-ending conversations would begin and go on all through those nights.

    Though totally irrelevant, and many a times stupid, I loved the way you paid attention to every single word I wrote and reminded me of it later.

    Time sure did heal my wounds of the past, Gave me a shoulder to cry on, But not one person who'd help me get over my troubled self.

    Probably fate had something better in store for me.


    We made the perfect pair, Loving, Laughing, Caring.

    But a voice at the back of my head told me that loving you was the wrong thing to do, It just never felt right.

    I badly wished there was a chance for you and me.

    I wished we could somehow find our place to be.

    Because just the thought of losing you, always made my stomach drop.

    They say, nobody's an angel, A devil resides deep inside us all.

    One single mistake, And you've let him out.

    I wonder if that's what happened with you. Afterwards.

    Because, One day, I meant the whole world to you.

    And the other day, you pushed me aside and walked away.

    One day, you said you could feel my pain.

    But the other day, YOU were its origin.

    You said bitter things, You wanted me to disappear, You removed every sign that would remind you of me.

    What happened to those memorable days?

    Perhaps, they just flew away when the cold wind blew.

    For days, I allowed my tears to flow endlessly everytime you wrote something rude to me.

    For days, I longed to hear your voice and whenever my phone rang, I wished it was your ringtone that reached my ears.

    But now, Everything's gone.

    You, Your voice, Those special moments, Those days.

    I wonder if I ever came to your mind again.

    But I know I did, My phone sometimes told me you were calling.

    But my self had lost all strength to hear your voice again, to revive those memories again, to feel the pain of missing you again.

    Dear MeanBoy, Cherishing those old memories of ours is all I can do now.

    I never needed you, Nor could I ever get you, But somewhere somehow,

    Amongst all my happiness, I still feel your absence.

    I just wanted you to know, Because you're no longer beside me. And you would probably never be.

    Thank you for being there when nobody else did.

    I miss you. heart