• I remember the day as if it was yesterday...

    It was probably November or December of 2009, I was a sophomore in High School and I had signed up for gym swim, since I was really missing the swimming pool.

    The day before the first class, I decided that I might as well go into class as casual and as comfortable as I could, right?

    My idea of casual and comfortable was a blue speedo. It was perfect, the way it contoured my butt, and how it emphasized the size of my *cough*... anyway!
    In the locker room, this is how things went down. Step by step.
    1. I get all my stuff out in front of me
    2. Drop my pants, shirt off, underwear gone too ;p
    3. Speedos in hand
    4. Dressed again
    5. Head for the door.

    So I walk out there with the group of guys, since we all wait for each other to leave, we don't just go out like loners, and we had beat the teacher to the pool deck. Suddenly, all the girls come out in their group too and it took them a few moments before they had noticed what I was wearing.
    They started looking and laughing, many of them blushing (YEA!!) and I noticed a few of them couldn't stop staring, that obviously made me feel better about myself lol.

    Then the teacher comes out. Looks at me. Looks at the door and points.
    "Pedro, go put some freakin' shorts on!"
    And that was it... but even today, I still get looks from a few of the girls... though I am known as Speedo Kid... and I wear that title proudly cool