• The Messenger

    My wings fluttered as fast as they could. The light breeze flew through my hair. I must tell the queen! I thought again and again.
    Hold on a moment! Let me introduce myself. My name is Rinza Cassandra Windbreeze. Everyone calls me Rinza. I am your normal messenger fairy… Well, normal royal messenger fairy. I travel through the deepest, darkest and creepiest parts of the forest to get the message out.
    My mother, Misenda Windbreeze, died a year after the end of my third year of training. Since then, I have been living under the care of our queen, Harmony of the North. In other words, I was given the most dangerous of all tasks first. We can continue our story…
    My heart raced faster than the wind and my wings combined. Only ever so often I would take a breath of the cold musty air around me.
    I had just come from the South King’s castle with the most disturbing news I have ever heard. He had declared war on the North. This message was the most dangerous I ever had to deliver.
    I landed carefully near a small creek. I panted, trying to catch my breath from the deceiving wind I flew through. The cold air stole the moistness from my throat. I bent down to the small water source and cupped my small hands over the surface of the water. I looked up suddenly hearing a croak. My eyes widened in horror. A frog.
    I tried flapping my leaf-like wings but they didn’t cooperate. I gasped and looked around nervously.
    To any creature without magic, I looked like a moth. The most wonderful thing about being a fairy.
    The frog’s pink tounge inched out of its mouth. I glanced at the frog and back behind me. A BRANCH! Perfect! I hopped over to it and sat.
    The frog hopped away slowly, eyeing the branch I sat on.
    I sighed in relief. I went back to the creek and drunk my fill. I noticed my reflection I jumped back in what I had seen. I was definitely NOT presentable to the queen. I looked down at myself. My green pants were dirty, and my shirt was twice as bad. I jumped into the creek, unknowing how fast the creek really was.
    It was as if I was a fly on a human’s shoulder. I tumbled off my feet and landed face first in the water. Next thing I know, I’m being carried along the current of the creek to a small waterfall.
    Lets make one thing absolutely clear.
    I looked around frantically. Luckily I had a moment of remembrance. My training DID come in handy. I picked the whistle up off my neck and held it to my mouth. I blew into it, making a shrill, nails-on-a-chalkboard sound.
    Just as I went over the waterfall, a bird swooped from under me and I landed on it. I patted its black feathers in thanks. We were flying back to the castle.

    We landed unfavorably.
    The bird that had rescued me was not a very talented lander. We tumbled in the air for a matter of seconds, sending me flying into the moat. Then, the bird rolled down the hill and landed on top of me in the moat. I coughed up the murky water and made my way to the shore. The bird just wouldn’t stop thinking he was drowning. I sighed and dragged him out of the moat behind me.
    Finally I was out of the water and dry. I was clean and presentable. I turned to the bird and patted its feathers again. It flew off as I headed into the castle. I walked steadily down the long hallways and I had finally made it to the throne room.
    I looked around in relief, knowing that these walls will never be harmed by fire or weapons of the South.
    The queen walked in and sat on her high purple throne. She adjusted her purple jewled crown and stared dead at me with her lavender eyes.
    I guess I owe you an explanation. It is tradition that the high queen or king dress in their eye color. Her eyes were a lavender color that almost all girls loved.
    I bent down on one knee. “Your majesty. I bring terrible news from the South.” I said. The queen shifted around on her throne again. “Yes, go ahead Rinza.” She said. I stood up and announced, “The South King is declaring war on the North. He says we have stolen from them.” The queen closed her eyes and balled up her fists. She sighed and reopened her eyes. “This is always how it is…” she muttered. She turned back to me and said, “I have a mission for you.” I nodded. “Yes, your Majesty? What is it?” I asked. Her eyes narrowed. “You are to save our kingdom.”