• Flashback:Sleepover
    Looking out the screen less window, the street empty, quiet, and crickets chirping in the dark night; I thought everyone was asleep,but my two friends and I. Little did we know we were not alone.
    It was Halloween night,I was only 8 then. The street lights were dead, but only a dim of light shown from the other street. There was a slight breeze that blew towards my face giving me goose bumps running down my back. Seeing the moon and stars getting covered by pitch-dark clouds;I knew from there something was going to happen. I turned back towards Aya. She was telling a horror story which made me feel worse. I grabbed a pillow, and hugged it to make me feel better. The problem was it didn't
    Then CRASH! "What was that?!" Yuna said terrifyingly. I flinched, while holding the pillow tighter I said, "Aya, did you get Yuna's brothers into this?" I hoped for a yes, but she said worriedly, "No!I didn't make them do this. Remember we are the only ones in Yuna's house."
    Right after everything was quiet;every single light in the house went dead. The room was pitch black. We all screamed. We were feeling out way to Yuna's bed, and hid ourselves under the covers. I was trembling, scared, and worried of what would happen next. I wondered why the lights turned off, for there was no storm.
    When nothing happend, we all peered out of the blankets, and heard the door open by its loud creaking noicse. From the dim light of the window, light reflected off a shiny ax; or a sword. Then a shadowy tall figure came out with a sword, and was coming right towards us, slowly, with my friends following me, I ran towards the screen less window, opened it wider; so i could get through, but before I could get through something jumped up right in front of me. I screamed and cried. My life was supposedly over then.
    I was on the floor with my friends; with me; when I heard laughing. The light came on and everything seemed bright. I could clearly see who did this to us. It was Yuna's brothes!
    The sword was counterfeit with only tin foil on a black thick stick. Fury rose and filled my body like a volcano filling up with lava, and was about to explode. I didn't care what made the crash. I just knew I needed revenge. I grabbed the counterfeit sword, and chased them showing no mercy. The ran for their life knowing they won't be messing with me anymore. This is what happened on a dark Halloween night.