• I walked into the spanish classroom late, as usual. I always make sure that I dont have any food stuck in my teeth and that I make a calm entrance so I look collected. I dumped my bag down and pulled out my book and attempted to follow along. Lately my eye has been drawn towards the kid across the classroom, Teva, who is easily one of the hottest guys in my year. Although I am now convinced he is gay, at the time I was very attracted to him.
    The teacher told us that we could use the computer lab today, so we filed in and sat in our assigned seats. I was lucky enough that he was assigned next to me, even though we never spoke. I then remembered that I had emailed myself the assignment. This wouldnt be so bad usually, except that I had recently bought some items from Victoria's Secret and I hadn't blocked the emails yet.
    So obviously, I didn't want Teva to see the emails and think that I like looking at the models or something. I figured that if I opened it quickly he wouldn't see any. Stupid, stupid me.
    I opened it and silently prayed that he wouldn't see anything, but just as it appeared on the screen, he leaned over and asked me what website we were using and of course, he saw, and stopped in midsentence.
    His only comment was, "Really Jennifer?"
    All I could say back was, "Really Teva. Really."
    way to go self... what a great comeback eh? I know, its pretty sad.