• I sprinted to the nearest pay phone. It was 3:30 AM and it was pouring out. I most recently left a party, where a hole bunch of s**t went down. But thats another story. I dialed my home number and waited patiently for someone to pick up.
    " hello" my dad answered in a slightly angry voice.
    " dad? Its Lindsay" I quickly responded.
    " Lindsay?! where the heck are you.. I thought.. YOu were.. You ARE supposed to be in bed! what are you doing out? where are you, are you okay , are you safe, whats..." he mumbled on and on for hours about my safety and how i am in so much trouble.
    " kay, dad, shut up. Obviously im not home. I just need a ride home. I went to a party, I will explain later, just come pick me up! Its dark, and cold, and to be honest im scared! " my voice was easy to tell, my father knew i was about to break into tears. " Dad, just come quick, i need to go, i don't have enough money for too long" which was a lie, I had a ton of change in my pocket from the party, from gambling and stuff like that." Dad just hurry down here, kay, i have to go.. bye" I was a bout to hang up when my dad shouted into the phone
    " I know this sounds mean, and cruel. Yes i love you, but i AM NOT coming down ther eat 3:30 in the morning! walk home your self, you seemed to of waked there, im sorry hunny! but i can't keep picking you up, this is the last straw! Find a cab, a bus, or just walk your little a** home. BYE!" His voice was antoganized, annoyed.
    " but dad..." i statred to complain but it was to late, he already hung up the phone.

    I buttoned up my jacket and started walking home. My tears stung my cheeks. My father, my own father, Wouldn't come and help me out! I felt betrayed. Alone, scared, unloved. i tried my best to stop myself from bursting into tears, but it didn't work. I fell on the ground, crying and screaming. I didn't even know the way home! And no one was going to help! i was on my own.
    After a good ten minutes. I stood up. I trotted my way over to a car that was parked on the road, and leaned against it, I was weak, and cold. I didn't know what to do! All of a sudden I heard a man cough. I turned around to see two men looking at me curiously. I waved, looked at them for three second, and started to heard home. The men behind me followed me, and started to run. I stopped, and for some reason couldn't move. They were almost near me, I screamed, extremely loud, but before any one could notice, the two men grabbed me.
    I screamed and cried for help, But no one came. The two men threw me into a car and started driving. I couldn't speak. I was shocked. But to my surprise, the guy turned around and started laughing.
    " here you go" he said. then he threw me out of the car.
    I looked up to find that the two men droove me to my house! I ran to the steps, and sat there, at the door, doing nothing. A few min of that, my dad opened the door and grabbed my arm and pulled me into the yells.
    I got yelled at and grounded, Got everything taken away from me. BUt i was glad i was safe, that was a scary night.

    THANKS FOR READING! heart heart heart