• Ok, so here's the deal. Since the 6th grade, I've had a crush on this young and mature 8th grader Justin. He was that sweet blonde haired blue eyed pale skinned boy, and i was that frizzy brown haired brown eyed brown skinned girl. In orchestra class (all grades had one class because not many people were in orchestra in middle school), he was the tall bass player and i was the average height cellist in the row in front of him. i was so fascinated by his skills and was constantly distracted and was caught by the teacher watching him play. Even now, Justin and I recall the teacher saying "Jasmine! Turn around and stop looking at Justin!" smile He was the coolest teacher though. Then, he moved on to high school and live went on.

    When i had been a freshman, i remained in the same orchestra class. All the friends that moved on with me in that class remained except for a few, and i had gained new friends from the upperclassman that had been at this very school for at least a year already. To my surprise, Justin had stayed in that class too, and once again that was the one class that we shared. Just when i thought my feelings for him had disappeared, I'd realized that they simply been hidden within the deep dark corners of my soul waiting to emerge once again. Months had passed in that school year, and my desires had remained a secret. Unfortunately, that secret had transferred to his sister, and then to him. He had found out that i still liked him. Me. The same girl from that orchestra class three years ago. Him. That same boy from that orchestra class three years ago. He was ill with pnemonia for a week, and during that week he had gotten curious. He searched the Internet for any sign of me. A myspace page was what he'd found, and then discovered the kind of person i was. Who i hung out with. What i was like. He developed an interest as well. Almost as strong as mine.

    When he returned to school, he tried to make it obvious that he had this certain interest. He'd made so many hints and jokes, but i just never got them. It was so unbelievable for him to have any interest in me at all, so i ignored any possible action. Until that one special day, we had spent friendly time together. When we transferred classes from one to the other, our separate classes just after orchestra, he whispered to me that he had a crush on me, and walked away. I had screamed so that the whole school could hear me, but i couldn't help that at all. Such a rush had overcame me that i had no other way to release it. He was confused at either that shriek had been a shreik of happiness or a shriek of unsatisfaction to the new fact i had aquired. Just a few days later, he had constructed a plan to ask me to be his, but he was unsure and if he was sure, he didn't know how. His friends told him to follow his heart, even the slightest bit, so he did. That coming Friday, he had sent a text message asking me to be his girlfriend. Eventually i discovered he felt bad because he wanted to ask me to my face, but he feared he wouldn't get the chance since he discovered other guys had an interest in me as well. He had taken me home that day in hopes that i would give him an answer, and so when he approached my house and i jumped out of his old white redneck dodge truck, i whispered a yes to him.

    Conversations had been interesting from that point on. We had shared laughs, hugs, kisses, family meetings, similar interests such as music, and other simple acts of love. Meetings at the park were lovely, and running in preparation for seasonal sports was very enjoyable. Life continued with the both of us inseperable. However, six months down the road, an old friend decided to report to my parents some information irrelevant.

    I was in fear of an existing past that still occured, and when i relealed this information to my new love, Justin simply responded that he would hurt anyone that hurt me. It was understandable from the information i had given to him. The old friend discovered the words that came out of Justins mouth and had given that information to my mother, who was devastated. It was inferred that Justin were to kill my family, which was most definitely not true. He would do anything to defend, not offend. I was told by my father that i was never to speak to him again, and i only had until midnight that night to report to Justin the devastating news.

    The day after that terrible night, Justin had continued, out of protection of me. He could only walk past me, and not with me. He had hurtful eyes and an agonizing stride as he walked down those familiar school halls. The days had been dark for us. He had to speak to a counselor to help relieve his pain, and had to write to try and satisfy his hunger for words. I was just as hurt and devastated as he was. I craved the need to write and have music as much as he did, but things were never right between us. We both shared a similar loathe of that old friend. That of course was one of only two things we could share. The other was our secret yet sustaining love for each other.

    Our need for each other was looked down upon by my family and that old friend. We were forbidden to see each other outside of school, and could not send secret messages to each other for they would be discovered. We were both stubborn enough to persist on getting what we both desired most out of anything in the world. To be with each other. We had committed our stubborn and supposedly 'stupid' acts to reach out to the hearts of those who didn't believe. We needed them to see. One day, i was sat down with my mother to try and speak with her about my thoughts. When i believed that she'd understood, i was decieved. To this very day, we are both hoping for the chance to speak again and be with each other like we used to. My familiy looks down upon me still, and Justin and i are lonely still. We simply ask that we'd be given another chance, for no evil deed was truly done.

    I am a sophomore, and he is a senior. We haven't given up, nor do we plan to. This is my high school story, and i hope that it is known that this is what true love really is. Romeo and Juliet have been reincarnated, and would like another chance.