• Once upon a time, at the local county fair,
    I met this tall, lanky boy
    With blue eyes and brown hair.

    It was the summer before my sophomore year
    Though he was nice and good looking,
    My future plans were unclear.

    He dated some of my friends and we did keep in touch.
    When springtime came, I realized
    I’d been thinking of him too much.

    I wanted a guy, a date for the dance,
    Someone polite, someone nice.
    My friend suggested I ask him and so I took a chance.

    We double-dated that night
    A fun foursome of friends
    And the combination of he and me felt so right.

    I knew that my heart felt something special for him
    but wasn’t sure he felt it too.
    But, by the end of the night, I could tell by his grin.

    The future was no longer unclear,
    I saw him in it year after year after year.