• Who ever invented math is a demon laughing at us from hell. I thought as I sat in my math class, staring at my latest F. I glance around me and my friends grades. A’s, of course. Why couldn’t I have stupid friends? As my teacher drones I once again find myself staring out the window into the football field where the snow was melting.

    Once the melting snow got boring, I started doodling on my test. Maybe I should be an artist, I muse. Nah… I suck to much for that. There goes that career. God I hate math. Its almost as bad as English. Beat it beat it, I start singing the Michael Jackson song in my head.

    “Liz, shut up!” Anne shushes me. Eh, she likes school, and school likes her. Stupid smart people. I peek my head over at her test, 92. I bet we are all going to be hearing some complaints about this one later! Oh well. At least Renee probably failed along with me.

    “Alright, you have the rest of the class to do your homework.” Wow that went by fast. Maybe I should do nothing everyday! Oh wait… I do.

    “Annie….” She looks at me. “what’s the homework?”

    “It’s on the board silly.” I glance over at the front of the room.

    “Ha ha oh yeah… right.” I copy down the work and pretend to do it. School is such a pointless waste of time. Its not like we really even learn anything, we just memorize what they want us to, and if you don’t fit there little mold of who you should be, they make you become a clone of everyone else… Oops. I started ranting again. That’s becoming a little bit of a problem with me!

    I take out my math book, and start trying to do problem number one. Way to many words and numbers for this girl.


    The bell finally rings. It seemed to me like the last five minutes of class took up most of the bell! I got my stuff together and walked with my friends.

    “A 92! How did a get a 92? This is so stupid!” Anne rants. Renee and I exchange looks, knowing that the highest grade we ever got on a test was a 81.

    “I’m sorry! I got a 92 too” comforts Laura, “Its so unfair, maybe we can talk to the teacher about extra credit.”

    “Or test corrections!” Renee chimes in.

    “Or maybe bribing.” I mumble.

    “Excuse us for having standards, Liz.” I glare at her.

    “’Cuse me for havin’ a life.” She gives me her evil Anne-Stare (copyright pending)

    “OH Chick fight!” “Get your girl!” “Don’t take that!” shouts are heard in the hallway.

    “Assholes” I mumble and Anne laughs.

    “Creepers” she mumbles back and we start getting weak. Please, those people know nothing about us. Once the people realize we weren’t going to start WW3 in the hallway the crowd started to leave and go their separate ways.

    “Later loser” she tells me as I head to history.

    “Have fun in Health!” I tell her with as much sarcasm as I can.

    “Yea, I get to learn about rape and how to use a condom! That’s always so much fun!” she counters with just as much sarcasm.

    “Well we know that how to use a condom is remedial education for you!” she starts laughing.

    “see ya at lunch.”

    “Bye!” I tell her and head towards my next class to take a nap.