• It was a dare, more or less a challange so to speak.

    I refused, but he insisted "A REAL man would do it!"

    I wasn't open then like I am now, so I did it... And I paid the consiquences.

    You have alot of time to think on house arrest. So for months I sat there and thought about what he said.

    "A REAL man would do it!"

    And then I wondered; What defines a "REAL man."

    Is it getting away with stupid crimes?
    Is it proving to your friends that you're not a chicken?
    Is it scoring with the first blonde that walks in the room?
    Is it raising a few kids? And providing for your family?
    How about getting a chick knocked up?
    Accompanied by an STD,
    And getting thrown in jail when you can't pay your child support.

    There's too many steriotypes on what a "REAL man" is.
    So I was just wondering,

    How do you define a "REAL man?"